New vessel: Rescue vessel Dan Broström

Dan Broström
Dan Broström was built at Åsiverken as a rescue vessel. Åsiverken was famous for building smaller vessels that could break ice. Small tugboats, passenger boats, car ferries and rescue vessels. In 2018 Dan Broström was bought by a Gothenburg based shipping company that has operated passenger traffic on Svalbard for decades.

Dan Broström has certificate for 50 passengers. Inspection for new certificates will take place in the end of March and new certificates will be uploaded as soon as they are available.

The owners will concentrate on their latest purchase, “Fyrbyggaren”, for passenger traffic on Svalbard and can therefore consider a sale of “Dan Broström”.

The deck crane shown on the pictures has been replaced by a similar one, fully renovated.

Dan Broström can be inspected in Gothenburg.
PRICE:  Owner welcome offers around 450.000 EUR.