Implementing the 2020 sulphur limit


The 0.50% limit on sulphur in fuel oil on board ships (outside designated emission control areas) will come into effect on 1 January 2020. Ensuring consistent implementation of the 0.50% requirement is a key item on the agenda of IMO’s Sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) which meets this week (5-9 February) at IMO headquarters, London. The meeting will also continue to look at how to measure black carbon emissions from shipping.

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Unmanned fireboat could be a game changer; Kirby to acquire Higman Marine for $419 million

Unmanned fireboat could be a game changer
February 5, 2018 — A radically new remotely-operated, unmanned fireboat promises to allow first responders to attack dangerous port fires more aggressively and safely than ever before. Developed by Vancouver-based naval architectural and marine engineering firm Robert Allan Ltd. and Kongsberg Maritime, the uncrewed RALamander fireboat will offer in-close firefighting and “eye in the fire” capabilities to keep firefighters out of harm’s way.

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Feb AYGP News – Pointscoring Events coming under fire…


February 2018 – AsianYachting Grand Prix – NewsGoto 2017-18 AYGP Microsite

2017/2018 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year
“Hardest sports trophy to win in Asia”

AYGP Pointscoring Events coming under fire…
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AYGP micro siteFebruary 5th 2018: We have been coping a lot of flak lately, from some boat owners and crew, about keeping the Neptune Regatta (Feb 10th – 17th) in the five-star family of AYGP Pointscoring events. Citing, it’s damaging to the prestigious level of branding the 2017-18 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles, should aspire to. Over the last few seasons, the general trend has seen racing class entries decreasing and causing some concern to the organisers and sponsors.

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NTSB finds hull fracture caused flooding of towing vessel; Former Keppel execs arrested in ongoing Brazil bribery probe

Multraship takes delivery of first Carrousel Rave Tug
February 2, 2018 — Leading Dutch towage and salvage specialist Multraship has taken delivery of the first of two game changing Carrousel Rave Tugs (CRT). Called Multratug 32, the vessel is the first to combine two innovative technologies — the RAVE concept and the Carrousel Towing system. The RAVE concept was initially devised by naval architectural firm Robert Allan Limited and by Voith in Germany.

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IMO has launched a new informative web page on sulphur 2020

The main type of “bunker” oil for ships is heavy fuel oil, derived as a residue from crude oil distillation. Crude oil contains sulphur which, following combustion in the engine, ends up in ship emissions. Sulphur oxides (SOx) are known to be harmful to human health, causing respiratory symptoms and lung disease. In the atmosphere, SOx can lead to acid rain, which can harm crops, forests and aquatic species, and contributes to the acidification of the oceans.

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