Ship company ordered to pay $2 million fine in pollution case

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Shipping leaders want carbon tax by 2025

Prominent shipowners, charterers and financial institutions want shipping to get to zero by 2050. To make that happen, they want a carbon tax to kick in by 2025.
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Diana-Wilhelmsen JV ordered to pay $2 million fine in pollution case

Pleading guilty, the company admits that bulker crewmembers knowingly failed to record in the vessel’s oil record book the overboard discharge of oily bilge water before the vessel arrived in Newport News, Va., on June 10, 2020.
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World’s first all-electric tugboat completes 18 months in operation

Turkish tugboat designer Navtek Naval Technologies says that its first Zeetug (zero-emission electric tugboat), Gisas Power, has proven its design and operational performance with consistent results.
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VIDEO: Could unmanned rescue vessels save lives in offshore wind sector?

As wind farms go further offshore, Edinburgh, Scotland, based start-up Zelim is planning to use a network of semi-autonomous unmanned rescue vessels to save lives at sea.
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