Golden Ray: Carve up takes longer than construction

Marine Daily
Fisheries group files legal challenge to BOEM Vineyard 1 decision

Fishing industry coalition RODA says filing in the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals  is “the culmination of many years of conscientious participation by fisheries professionals only to see their expertise and value summarily ignored by decision-makers.”
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Golden Ray: Disposal of final sections poses its own problems

Two years after the September 8, 2019 capsize of the car carrier Golden Ray, disassembling and disposing of its wreck has taken significantly longer than the time it took to build the ship.
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BAE Jacksonville gets $25 million LCS 21 PSA award

Post shakedown availability of littoral combat ship is expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2022.
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JA Moody
Awind CSOVs will feature MacGregor equipment packages

MacGregor scope of supply in each CSOV will consist of a 3D motion compensated electrical gangway system, Colibri crane and a remote control station located on the vessel bridge.
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Empar Syndeck
Next gen Vard patrol vessel gains AIP from ABS

Vessel arrangement offers a multi-mission bay and a set-down area for containerized mission payloads, with a configuration that can be tailored to meet a variety of mission objectives.
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NAG Marine
Mackay Marine is now an Iridium GMDSS global service provider

… partners with Lars Thrane to provide the first, and currently the only, IMO-certified Iridium GMDSS terminal
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