Cousins Ivie and Isla complete the RNLI MayDay Mile Charity Fundraiser in Exmouth

1 : Ivie Isla MayDay Run 30 5 21 4 – Isla and Ivie coming up to the finish line. Credit : Des White / Exmouth RNLI

2 : Ivie Isla MayDay Run 30 5 21 2 – Isla & Ivie receive special gifts from Exmouth RNLI Fundraising Chair, Des White. Credit : Exmouth RNLI

3: Ivie Isla MayDay Run 30 5 21 3 – Isla and Ivie enjoying their RNLI Crew Teddy Bears. Credit : Des White / Exmouth RNLI

The two intrepid young cousins who set their sights on completing a full mile along Exmouth seafront to raise funds for the lifesaving charity in the RNLI MayDay Mile challenge, proudly fulfilled their pledge this afternoon.

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Broadly Boats News Postings for 29 & 30 May 2021

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Due to engineering work, new postings were not added to Broadly Boats News during part of 29 May 2021 and through 30 May 2021. During this work period, we posted the full stories to our maritime news digest portal but as time permits we will post these stories to Broadly Boats News in full. In the meantime you can access the full postings for this period by scrolling down the portals……..BBN Editor