Virtual Valencia Boat Show reveals the format of the interactive stands

  • The first 100% virtual boat show can be visited online from the 28th of October to the 1st of November.
  • 50% discount on the total fee for pre-registration before the 30th of June.


Click here to watch the stand live

The Valencia Boat Show has opted for innovation and technological development to respond to the COVID19 crisis, which leaves the physical celebration of the event on standby. For this reason, the event has been reinvented as the first completely virtual boat show, a format that guarantees its celebration regardless of external factors, and at the same time offers companies the opportunity to leapfrog into the digital world accompanied and advised by specialists in technology, online marketing and nautical events.

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show has revealed the first example of what a stand will be like in this innovative virtual event that will be held from the 28th of October to the 1st of November in the setting of La Marina de València, and which will be accessible from anywhere and from any device. The developers have combined 360º and 3D technology to recreate the stands, achieving the best user experience and maximum visual quality.

Each of the exhibiting companies will be able to fully customise their space, and will have a virtual assistant that will guide clients through the different alternatives for visiting and purchasing, amongst which there will be customisable panels to upload graphic material, photographs and videos, direct access to the marketplace that will bring together the entire offer of the show, download brochures and other materials, or a FAQs desk. And, of course, for the shipyards, there will be an exhibition pool in which they can showcase their fleet of boats, with the possibility of offering 360º tours or Matterport through state-of-the-art technology.

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show also offers its exhibitors the possibility of attending clients in private videoconferences, or holding meetings, events, training or networking in virtual rooms. And for international shipyards, it allows the offer to be centralised on a single platform that redirects clients to each sales agent according to their location and their IP.

50% discount on the total fee
The Valencian event has announced a powerful launch offer linked to non-binding pre-registration until the 30th of June. Exhibitors who pre-register before the end of June will be able to benefit from a 50% discount on their total exhibition fee, provided they confirm their presence at the show before the 17th of July. Pre-registration does not imply the obligation to participate but it does entail the benefit of the discount if pre-registration is done before the established date.

Valencian business alliance
The organisers of the Valencia Boat Show, the Unión de Empresas Náuticas (UEN) and La Marina de València, have partnered for the event with Grupo Alfatec, a Valencian company specialised in technological development that was one of the sponsors of the Valencian show in 2019. The UEN’s and La Marina de València’s knowledge of the sector together with Alfatec Group’s technological expertise allow us to offer a solid guarantee of success for this new project.

“Technology is a tool. And it should be treated as such, so that institutions rely on them to grow and offer more and improved services. With our experience in immersive technologies, we know what works and what does not, what is fascinating and what is tedious, so we have designed a novel space that, although it is an online space, is not a website. It is much more: it is a virtual fair, and when you experience your visit, it will feel very real. It is going to be great!”, says Carlos Pujadas, CEO of Grupo Alfatec.

“It is not a website, or a marketplace that brings together offer and products from the sector. The Virtual Valencia Boat Show will be a complete event that will combine commercial offer with talks, meetings, exhibitions and activities, on the same platform and on the same dates. The entire sector in one place, with geographically unlimited reach possibilities and fully segmented for our client niche, thanks to the marketing plan that we have implemented. I think it is an incredible opportunity for the sector”, says Nacho Gómez-Zarzuela.

“The Virtual Valencia Boat Show highlights the city’s nautical and technological capacity and will place La Marina de València at the epicentre of this entire ecosystem. We are an increasingly nautical, more open and more technological marina and we are going to show it to the world”, says Vicent Llorens, general director of La Marina de València.

“This is a very important step for the digitisation of the sector, and that the companies taking part will have the opportunity to discover new ways of selling and new market niches. This is a step that had to be taken, and the Covid19 crisis has only accelerated it”, comments Isabel Gil, president of the Unión de Empresas Náuticas (UEN).