Bouchard: “We have a financial plan …”; Administration cuts two Navy ships from 2020 budget to help pay for border wall

Bouchard: “We have a financial plan …”

Facing problems that include compliance with multiple Captain of the Port orders, Melville, N.Y.-based Bouchard Transportation said it is “working with financial and technical advisers to address the challenges.” Full Article

Administration cuts two Navy ships from 2020 budget to help pay for border wall

Reprogramming action diverts funding signed into law and intended for LHA-9 and Expeditionary Fast Transport. Full Article

GST Europe
Coronavirus: ONE puts $1,000 a box surcharge on Shanghai and Xingang reefer shipments

Citing a shortage of reefer plugs at affected ports, Ocean Network Express (ONE) imposes “congestion” surcharge and says it may unload boxes at other Chinese ports. Full Article

$10 million STEMHO expansion will create 100 jobs

VT Halter Marine’s maintenance and repair sister company ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore Inc. (STEHMO), is expanding in Pascagoula, Miss., adding dock space and water depth adjacent to its Bayou Casotte facility. Full Article

Clean Waterways
MARAD awards $280 million in Port Infrastructure Grants

New program supports efforts by ports and industry stakeholders to improve facility and freight infrastructure. Full Article

Listen Up
TTB: Building a safety culture in the waterways industry

Marine Log’s upcoming TTB—Tugs, Towboats & Barges event being held in Mobile, Ala., next month will include a presentation on “Bridging the Gap: Building a Culture of Safety.” Sarah Michelle Hattier, responsible for Safety & Regulatory Compliance at Dupre Marine Transportation, will connect the dots between meeting safety compliance mandates and building a safety culture. Full Article