Seafloatech unveals a revolutionary solution for the development of port and marinas at IMBC

Olivier Lorge, Seafloatech USA representative will present the innovative Seafloatech Pod® at the International Marina and Boatyard Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from January 14th to 16th.


The most relevant innovations and investing opportunities in the sailing industry will be shown at the leading marina and boatyard conference. IMBC is geared specifically toward marina and boatyard owners; operators and managers; as well as dock masters; harbourmasters; boat builders and repairers; and industry consultants. IMBC is where dedicated marine professionals gather to exchange information, talk about the future of the industry and get down to business.

Seafloatech Pod® (bottom / float interface) system has a very low ecological footprint, is totally reversible and has been designed, tested and perfected as surface modules, offering their users exceptional safety and comfort. Due to these gains, it won the “MARIN HIGH-TECH Trophy for Innovation 2019” and “Coup de Coeur Trophy” in the Innovation Competition at the Paris Boat Show 2019. The Seafloatech POD® is connected to sea, lake and riverbeds using an ecological system (anchors, screws, sealing) and consists of a mast articulated at its base, which pistons in its upper part to minimize the effects of the tide.

The Seafloatech Pod® allows the construction of floating structures as collective moorings, artificial beaches, restaurants, housing and also can be applied for industrial and military uses.

The traditional way of construction requires a significant financial investment for the renovation of the marinas and ports and has a direct impact on the quality of life of local communities due to the literal destruction of sea soil and coasts. The Seafloatech Pod® has been developed as an ecological technology because it has no impact on the fauna and flora, is totally reversible and easy to install or remove, stabilizing the surface module whatever it is and reducing the turning radius by 55%. An ideal solution to find on the website :

Sustainability is undoubtedly reshaping the world around us, not only as a new sensibility for the protection of the environment but for being cost effective and a sensible opportunity of business. An increasing number of investors integrate sustainability performance data on their capital allocation decisions.

Mozaffar Khan, George Serafeim and Aaron Yoon in their study Corporate Sustainability: First Evidence on Materiality demonstrate that companies, which embrace low-carbon technologies, significantly outperformed companies with poor ratings on these issues. Since 2019 a changing tendency is visible on the markets that are redirected to sustainable investing opportunities and no one wants to miss out on this favourable occasion.