NTSB to USCG: Act on duck boat safety; VIDEO: New Metal Shark pilot boats go to work in New Orleans

NTSB to USCG: Act on duck boat safety

November 14, 2019 – The Coast Guard still hasn’t acted on recommendations made 17 years ago, and then again after the deaths last year of 17 people aboard the modified WWII DUKW Stretch Duck 7.




VIDEO: New Metal Shark pilot boats go to work in New Orleans

The Jet 1 and Jet 2  Defiant-class monohull pilothouse vessels have a unique deck arrangement designed for pilots and customized to meet Belle Chasse Marine Transportation’s specific requirements.

West Coast demos generate strong interest in high-power diesel outboard

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Boatswain’s Locker reports great feedback and high levels of interest following five weeks of on-water demonstrations of the Cox Powertrain CXO300—the world’s highest-powered diesel outboard.

VIDEO: Maintenance dredging goes autonomous and underwater

C-Job Naval Architects unveils a concept for a submersible design posing some strong challenges to conventional trailing suction hopper dredges.

Low lube oil levels led to near-grounding of Viking Sky

The lube oil sump tanks were way below manufacturer’s recommended levels, causing loss of power that saw cruise ship come within one ship’s length of grounding.

MetalCraft launches patrol boat for Mobile, Ala., police

The 34-foot Interceptor patrol boat has a large cabin with 6-foot, 10-inch headroom, and a large aft deck for open workspaces.