MCTC is delighted to welcome a new client: Columbia Shipmanagement, one of the world’s largest shipmanagement and maritime services companies with over 40 years’ of experience.

MCTC will work in partnership to actively promote Columbia Shipmanagement’s ‘ICare’ policy to encourage a culture of excellence across Columbia’s business and with everyone who works alongside it. The ‘ICare’ policy holds a strong ethos focusing on the human dimension: crew, their families and the staff in Columbia offices.

“We will slot our services into Columbia Shipmanagement’s ‘ICare’ philiosphy,” said Christian Ioannou, MCTC’s Managing Director. “We have started working with 160 vessels managed by Columbia, and are looking to take on the entire fleet within the coming months. We will be offering our entire catering management and training services.”

An exclusive programme has been designed for Columbia Shipmanagement on MCTC’s Culinary Training Programme. As Mr Ioannou added: “Columbia Shipmanagement shares MCTC’s values in appreciating the importance of “leading a balanced healthy lifestyle for seafarers’ overall wellbeing”.

MCTC will also provide bi-weekly topics from our in-house nutritionists, food technologists and chef consultants, as well as weekly menus that will take into account the nationality of the crew, and cost. MCTC’s Catering Management Service also manages the day to day operations of all onboard catering requirements, including food supply.

On top of this, MCTC will conduct onboard training and perform briefings at its training establishments in The Philippines, as well as offer practical trade tests including theoretical evaluations of its Chief Cooks, either at our office and/or crew conferences. MCTC will also carry out Health & Nutrition Workshops and hold onboard cooking competitions.

Mark O’Neil, Columbia Shipmanagement’s President, added: “We, at Columbia Shipmanagement, are extremely pleased to be teaming up with a partner which reflects our own commitment to service of the highest quality, innovation, optimisation, tailor-made solutions and the ‘ICare’ philosophy.”