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9th Nongsa Neptune Regatta

AY Race Report 2 & 3
2018/19 AY Grand Prix Event

Capturing King Neptune’s wrath…
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
14:02:2018 Neptune Is, Indonesia: Beautiful clear blue sky, on a warm sunny day, with cool NE’ly breeze, are the perfect conditions, to sail 7 miles South of Neptune Island, to the equator and disturb King Neptune. Seventeen sailing yachts and four Motor Yachts upped anchor and started Race 3 Part A, then stopped at 00°00′ 000″ to meet King Neptune and induct the crew from Slimy Pollywogs into Trusty Shellback’s. The Start/finish times were recorded and after the ceremony Part B got underway from the equator and back to Neptune Island. The times are combined and handicaps applied for the result to be calculated. Check out the action in the AY Photo Gallery

Just to make sure everyone got inducted, an extra ceremony was held on the beach at Neptune Island, when they got back and this year Queen Neptune did the honours, in front of everyone. One of the most popular was Jono Mahony and his crew prepared an extra dose for the often demanding skipper.

The NE’ly faded on the way back and the yachts that left their restart till late, made a fist of it as the breeze turned to the East South East and freshened, bringing everyone home before the cut off time.

The crew on Jonathan Mahony HYD 42 Zanzibar didn’t waste any time cracking eggs over the skippers head down at the equator and restarted before the NE’ly faded for a quick trip home and claim the daily double. Max Palleschi’s IOR Farr 40 Prime Factor came fully decked out in colourful tutu outfits and spent some time indoctrinating the crew, to miss out by a little over four minutes and settle on 2nd place, with smiles on their faces.

The Premier Cruising class started with a mix of sail configurations. Genevieve & Jeremy Chase’s Oceanis 50 Sea Monster sporting only a main snuck around the pin and gull-winged her small cruising chute and headed directly to the Equator. Robert Lamoureux Sense 50 Grand Lux (aka the aircraft carrier) hoisted her spinnaker, the right way up for the first time this week and showed how the wider boat, was much faster than her smaller competitors. At the halfway mark, it was Grand Lux, Sea Monster and then Shelby. On the way home after a magnificent indoctrination of shellback’s, the breeze filled in and it was champagne sailing, with the crews sipping French bubbly, on the way back North. When the times were rallied, Grand Lux showed what she was capable of setting the time to beat. Sea Monster second and Shelby showing determination in third.

By picking the right wind lanes and restarting in freshening breeze, John Inglis Boers Ron Holland 44 Sangaree made the most of it, to correct out with the fastest time and claim their second win, to confirm the lead on the overall Cruising Class stakes. The smaller boats also came home with a flourish, with Jonathan Sykes Beneteau Oceanis 320 Olmeto climbing up into 2nd place and Nicky Marsh Beneteau Oceanis 34 Marsh Mellow, sneaking into 3rd place, in front of their bigger counterparts. Displacing Kevin Harris Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 47 Temptress of Down to 4th place and Queen Neptune Anna Fourie’s Beneteau Oceanis 41 Ma Ja Belle to 5th and late but ready for action on the beach. After engine repairs back at Fishhead Island, Alfie Rowson and Liz Schoch’s Fraser 41 Astraeus, arrived in the early hours of the morning and in time for the crew to participate on the equator celebrations.

Some bad spinnaker handling and an angry skipper Cap’n McCook on Alice Lim’s Corsair 750 Abracadeborah Too, slipped of the pace and allowed Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray’s Corsair 750 Kaze, to come through for victory and ruin their clean sheet. Graham Horn’s Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too, missed out in 2nd place by 44 seconds and is keeping up the pressure, on the podium places.

Race 2 – Fishhead to Neptune
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
15:02:2019 Neptune Is, Indonesia: Two mass downwind starts for the 52nm Race 2 from Fishhead Island to Neptune Island started on time, in a light North Easterly. As they cleared the surrounding islands, the breeze backed to the North West and increased to 10 knots, producing a fine spinnaker reach across to the Pengalap gate and enough to stem the whirlpool tidal overflows in the cauldron. Decision time arrived as they approached Pompong Island, to go around the island or cut the corner through the knuckles and face the consequences on the other side. As a result half and half paid off, despite facing 4 knots of adverse current as they filtered in between the islands and cut 3 miles from the course around Pompong. Plenty to see on the lush tropical islands and do in the way of navigation avoiding reefs, sandbars and maintaining speed in the quick flowing currents.

Jonathan Mahony HYD 42 Zanzibar learnt their lesson yesterday, about taking it easy and put his foot down hard on the pedal and scooted away into the lead, and never looked back. Alice Lim’s Corsair 750 Abracadeborah Too did the same and although their track through the islands might have lost some ground, they held on to claim the Multihull line honours.

As Max Palleschi’s IOR Farr 40 Prime Factor is a first timer on the Neptune Regatta, they decided to play it safe and go all the way round Pompong Island and were reduced to 2nd place, behind Mahony’s Zanzibar, to even up the overall IRC Racing Class score, at three points apiece.

The three Beneteau 50’s were at it again, and while Genevieve & Jeremy Chase’s Oceanis 50 Sea Monster looked dead and buried at the back of the fleet, Troy Williams 1998 model Shelby and Robert Lamoureux Sense 50 Grand Lux were fighting over the lead, a few miles in front. Talk about coming from behind, Sea Monster took the inside channel through the islands and hugged the coast on the way down to Neptune. Aided by a favourable wind shift filling in from behind, they closed in rapidly on the becalmed Shelby, to once again pass them on the last few miles, to claim their second Premier Cruising class daily double, in as many days, by a little over 4 minutes. Not having a spinnaker after two upside down hoists on Day 1, Lamoureux’s Grand Lux went around Pompong Island using the Code 0, which resulted in dropping behind again, so 3rd place was the best they could manage, in the circumstances.

After racing in close company all day, John Inglis Boers Ron Holland 44 Sangaree and Kevin Harris Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 47 Temptress of Down split gybes through the islands and Boers Sangaree came out the best and held onto the lead, on the long run to the finish. Jonathan Sykes Beneteau Oceanis 320 Olmeto came through unscathed to slot into 3rd place, in front of Anna Fourie’s Beneteau Oceanis 41 Ma Ja Belle. Unfortunately the Race 1 winner Alfie Rowson and Liz Schoch’s Fraser 41 Astraeus, had starter motor problems and did not start in favour of making repairs at Fishhead Island.

While Alice Lim’s Corsair 750 Abracadeborah Too, claimed their second win of the regatta, some changes in the placing’s have extended their overall lead in the Multihull class. This time Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray’s Corsair 750 Kaze, slotted into 2nd place, leaving Graham Horn Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too, to scramble into 3rd place. The gamble on which route to take through the islands, initially looked good for the farther and daughter two handed team on Sasha Hill’s Corsair 750 Cicak, but entering a light spot forced them to sail higher angles and ended in 4th place, in front of Gary Curtis higher handicapped Corsair 28 Miss Visayan in 5th place.

Tomorrow is the famous 15nm Equator race from Neptune Island to 00°00′ 000″ to meet King Neptune and perform the equator ritual and then restart the race back to Neptune Island, for another bout of Neptune rituals on the beach, in front of everyone.

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