This ONAK foldable canoe is the perfect answer to the latest hype: urban paddling

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This ONAK foldable canoe is the perfect answer to the latest hype: urban paddling

Sightseeing from another perspective? Experience the city from onto the water with the strongest and lightest origami canoe ever.

Ghent, 29 November 2018 – As major cities worldwide are developing their urban waterways, new possibilities of transport arise. City canals and rivers are not only more frequently used for all sorts of recreational activities, they also offer a unique commuting alternative. But how to store a bulky kayak in a small apartment or office building? With ONAK, people can unfold their urban adventures in minutes, with a canoe they can take and keep anywhere.

Responding to a global hype

Paddle sports are gaining popularity on a global scale. All over the world, people’s interest in paddling increases as they join watersport clubs and buy their own canoes and kayaks. And it’s not only outdoor lovers who regularly hike or camp: It’s also people usually preferring indoor sports who go onto the water. But paddling has not only become a popular recreational activity – It is even used as a progressive alternative for commuters in urban areas. City dwellers in New York and Austin are starting to use the canoe or the kayak to go to work.

With cities investing in their urban waterways to find more sustainable infrastructure solutions and to use canals and rivers as a tool to benefit the residents, a foldable canoe offers the perfect out-of-the-box solution for urban paddling.

Innovating design and production

The lightweight canoe with multifunctional design is not only easy to store but also to transport by folding it into a hassle-free 47 x 15 x 10 inch carry-on suitcase, attachable to bikes.

“Even though the ONAK is very small when folded, it provides ample leg space. The set-up is simplified with pulley-straps. We could even increase stability by adjusting the shape of our patented honeycomb curv™ composite, which has a higher strength-to-weight-ratio than aluminium”, co-founder Otto Van de Steene explains.

And it’s made in a social workplace in Europe, from sustainable and durable materials. “We simplified the supply chain, so that only a few parts fold into a full-grown canoe. We also decided to work only with local suppliers and go for a microplastic-free product.”

Award winning

The ONAK prototype won several awards, including the OutDoor Industry Award. The founders took their time to keep improving their product – and after processing helpful feedback from their first customers, they managed to bring the origami canoe to an unprecedented level. The ONAK foldable canoe is a compact yet strong alternative for a classic canoe and is the perfect way to combine city life and adventure.

Start your urban paddling adventure

On 29 November, the ONAK 2.0 pre-sale started on Kickstarter, where the canoe is on sale for 1495 EUR (USD 1700). Early birds can secure the first 15 canoes for 1395 EUR (USD 1590) via The public was already offered a sneak-preview on the new canoe in a Facebook live session, where the ONAK team revealed if the 2.0 version can really be set up in minutes and to let people discover if ONAK really offers the perfect solution for urban paddling.