The data hub for marine fuel professionals

Sound market intelligence on global bunker prices is a ‘must have’ requirement for all maritime industry stakeholders.

  • Bunker prices are on the rise
  • Marine fuels choices are becoming more complex in the run-up to 2020
  • The price volatility of key bunker grades will likely escalate after the introduction of the 0.50% global sulphur cap
  • Many companies are looking to put hedging strategies in place to mitigate against potential deep price swings post-2020

For industry professionals who need to keep track of price movements, the Bunkerspot Price Index (BPi), offers a simple, reliable and affordable solution to help you make informed business decisions.

Delivered via the Bunkerspot website, BPi offers spot bunker price indications in over 350 global ports, crude oil, gasoil and LNG futures prices, historic fuel oil and gasoil prices, and instant price comparisons across all ports.