NEWS FLASH – Initiatives-Cœur suffers hull damage in storm

Whilst facing a very rough seas in the depression sweeping the Bay of Biscay, Sam Davies informed her team on Tuesday, November 6 at 17:00 (French time) of troubling and persistent noises coming from the hull of her 60ft monohull yacht, Initiatives-Cœur. As the noise became louder the British-born, Brittany-based skipper found that the bottom of the hull was damaged. After speaking to the architects she was able to diagnose a significant delamination in the living area, consistent with the strong impact of the waves in this raging storm. Davies is fine, she has diverted course to preserve her boat. More information to follow in the coming hours.

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The numbers

· 609 000 Facebook fans on the Initiatives-Coeur page
· 3,510 Miles between St. Malo and Point-à-Pitre
· 155 children saved since the launch of the campaign “1 click=1 heart” in 2012
· 123 Entries
· 109 “new blood”, the boat number
· 89 skippers to have completed a Vendée Globe, including Tanguy de Lamotte (in 2012) and Samantha Davies (in 2008)
· 4 fixed cameras on board
· 1st Route du Rhum for Sam

Initiatives-Cœur datasheet

Former names: Foncia, Banque Populaire, Maitre Coq
Home port: Lorient
Design: VPLP – Verdier
LOA: 18,28m Width: 5,80m
Draught: 4,50m
Mast height: 29m
Empty weight: 7,8 tonnes
Upwind sail area: 300m2
Downwind sail area: 660m2
Foils added: 2016


Initiatives-Cœur competes in major offshore races to save children. Each race is the occasion of a large-scale awareness campaign during which the main sponsors of the boat (Initiatives, K-LINE and VINCI Energies) fund via their donations the surgical operations of children suffering from serious heart defects. How? Patron sponsors K-LINE and INITIATIVES donate €1 to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque for each new Facebook and Instagram follower. VINCI-Energies mobilises its teams to rase funds to go towards Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. 155 children have been cared for and saved since 2012.

For more than 20 years, the company INITIATIVES, based in Le Mans, has been enabling schools and associations to finance their educational, cultural and sporting projects (such as lessons about the sea, language holidays, procurement of materials and equipment…) with solidarity sales (flowers, calendars, chocolates, raffles…)

The leading French manufacturer of aluminium fittings and joinery, K-LINE designs, manufactures and sells sliding windows and custom-made entrance doors for all types of architectural buildings, both new and renovated. Since its creation in 1997, K-LINE has become a reference thanks to a new window concept that concentrates high thermal insulation and design in a minimum of material. A winning performance which has become its signature. K-LINE is part of Groupe LIEBOT, a family group based in the Vendée, windows and facades leader in France.

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque
Allows children with congenital heart defects and from disadvantaged countries to undergo surgery in France when this is impossible in their home countries for lack of technical or financial means. Taken in by volunteer host families and operated on in twelve hospitals in France (Angers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Tours), nearly 3,000 children have already been cared for since the association was created in 1996 by Professor Francine Leca and Patrice Roynette.

VINCI Energies
Connection, performance, energy efficiency, data: in a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies is accelerating the deployment of new technologies to implement two major changes: digital transformation and energy transition. Regionally based and organised in an agile way, VINCI Energies companies make energy, transport and communication infrastructures, factories and buildings more reliable, safer and more efficient every day.
2017: 10.8 billion euros (turnover) // 69,400 employees // 1,600 companies // 53 countries