Day 120 – Barnacles plague GGR yachts

DAY 120: Barnacles – the scourge of solo circumnavigators

  • Susie Goodall ETA at Hobart Gate tomorrow
  • What is happening to those abandoned yachts?
  • Letter from Loïc Lepage

Dateline 16:00 UTC  29.10.2018 – Hobart, Tasmania

Uku Randmaa and his Rustler 36 One and All – 3rd at the Hobart film gate
Happy with his performance so far, but will the barnacle growth give Susie Goodall the opportunity to catch up
Randmaa: “Yes I have lost weight…and hope to look a lot younger when I get back to the finish!”

When Uku Randmaa set off from the Film gate in Hobart in third place within the Golden Globe Race fleet last Saturday, he was not thinking about closing the gap between 2nd placed Dutchman Mark Slats, but how to keep ahead of 4th placed Susie Goodall, due into Hobart tomorrow night.

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Electriq~Global launches water-based fuel to power electric vehicles

An Australian-Israeli startup has found a way to use water in order to power electric vehicles 

On October 29th and October 30th at EcoMotion 2018 ‘Smart Mobility Summit’ in Tel-Aviv, Electriq~Global will present its highly efficient, safe, clean, recyclable fuel to power electric vehicles. The fuel offers twice the range, at half the price with zero emission compared to existing fuels

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Wärtsilä Ship Design enables unique capabilities for new factory fishing trawler

Image caption: The specially designed unique bow design of the trawler enhances efficiency. The 121 metres long factory trawler will also be capable of processing fish from other vessels.

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release, 26 October 2018 at 12 noon EEST

The technology group Wärtsilä has been contracted to provide the ship design for a state-of-the-art factory fishing trawler. The vessel will be unique in having the combined capabilities of twin trawling for many different fish species, having both conventional winching as well as pumping systems for bringing the catch onboard, and being able to process fish from other vessels. The ship is to be built in Kaliningrad at the Yantar shipyard for RK named after V.I. Lenin (RK Lenina), the owner. The order with Wärtsilä was placed through its Russian entity Wärtsilä Vostok LLC and was booked in October 2018.

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