E-Melges 24 – October 2018

Flashback to San Francisco – today 5 years ago!
American Brian Porter on Full Throttle claims the title of the Sperry Top-Sider Melges 24 World Championship 2013.
Porter was sailing  with crew of Andy Burdick, Matt Woodworth and Federico Michetti. Amazingly, for Full Throttle trimmer Michetti, sailing as part of the Full Throttle crew for the first time at a world championship, this was his fifth Melges 24 world title – a record unsurpassed by anyone and one that he confessed had not sunk in yet.
In the Corinthian Division a seventh for American Don Jesberg on Viva was good enough to see him crowned 2013 Melges 24 Corinthian Champion!
2013 Sperry Top-Sider Melges 24 Worlds were hosted by the San Francisco Yacht Club on September 30 through October 5.



IM24CA news
2018 International Melges 24 World Council AGM – Submissions Published
According to IM24CA Constitution the Agenda of all motions and related documents for the IM24CA World Council’ Annual General Meeting to be held in Palma de Mallorca, on November 10th, has been published.
Amendments to the submitted motions shall be submitted no later than October 12th to piret@melges24.com. These amendments will be published and distributed on October 19th.
All National Classes are requested to send us a National Class Report as a short summary of their 2018 activities and situation now no later than November 5th!
Specific details about the venue, accommodation, agenda, timeline and the deadlines for the submission of the motions and proposals you’ll find at melges24.com/agm2018
Racing News
2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series – Taki 4 So Close to Take Both Trophies – Overall and Corinthian
The fifth regatta of the 2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series was held on Lake Como, Domaso, Italy on September 21-23.
Reigning Corinthian European Champion TAKI 4 (ITA778) of Marco Zammarchi with Niccolo Bertola helming was fifth in Domaso, but managed to climb to the top of the 2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series’ overall ranking as the current ranking’ leader MAIDOLLIS (ITA854) of Gian Luca Luca Perego was not competing.

In Corinthian ranking TAKI 4 was strengthening its position as the leader, when the second in the ranking is now German WHITE ROOM and third Miles Quinton’s GILL RACE TEAM (GBR694) with Geoff Carveth in helm.
Top 3 teams in Overall and Corinthian rankings before the final event in Luino:
Overall ranking:
1. TAKI 4 ITA778 – Niccolo Bertola – 175 p
2. MAIDOLLIS ITA853 – Carlo Fracassoli – 218 p
3. WAR CANOE USA841- Mike Goldfarb – 274 p
Corinthian ranking:
1. TAKI 4 ITA778 – Niccolo Bertola – 175 p
2. WHITE ROOM GER677 – Luis Tarabochia – 287p
3. GILL RACE TEAM GBR694 – Geoff Carveth – 302p

See the full rankings at melges24.com/europeansailingseries

2018 Melges 24 NorAm Tour Champions
Richard Reid’s CAN853 ZINGARA scored 163.6 points to claim the 2018 M24 NorAm Tour title in a very close competition for the tour’s perpetual trophy. Tied for second at 160 points were former US Champion – Bruce Ayres’ USA851 MONSOON and three-time US Champion- Alan Field’s USA829 WTF. Kevin Welch’s CAN835 MIKEY (154.3 points) and Adrea Rachelli’s ITA722 (100 points) finished 4th and 5th, respectively.
The Corinthian division was won by Kent Pierce’s USA549 AVERAGE, which placed an impressive 8th overall with a score of 60 points. Laura Grondin’s USA850 DARK ENERGY finished 13th overall and 2nd in the Corinthian Division with 50.7 points. Duane Yoslov’s USA855 LOOPER was 14th overall and 3rd in the Corinthian division with 49 points.
1. ZINGARA CAN853 Richard Reid – 163.6 p
2. MONSOON USA851 Bruce Ayres – 160 p
2. WTW USA829 Alan Field – 160 p
4. MIKEY CAN835 Kevin Welch – 154.3 p
5. ALTEA ITA722 Andrea Rachelli – 100 p
1. AVERAGE USA549 Kent Pierce – 60 p
2. DARK ENERGY USA850 Laura Grondin – 50.7 p
3. LOOPER USA855 Duane Yoslov – 49 p
4. FULL CIRCLE CAN415 Robert Britten – 47.3 p
5. GOOD ENOUGH USA806 MacGregor/Hammer – 42.6 p
The three-staged tour boasted a top-flight international fleet of forty-nine Melges 24’s sailing in two spectacular venues on the west coast of the North American continent- Victoria, British Columbia and Belvedere, California.
Photos: Luca Babini
ITA: German Musto Racing Wins in Domaso; General Lee is the Melges 24 Italian Champion 2018
Eddy Eich’s MUSTO RACING GER803 with Katia Müller in helm won the fifth event of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series and Italian Melges 24 Tour both in overall and Corinthian division in Domaso, Italy.
Another Corinthian entry, Michael Tarabochia’s WHITE ROOM (GER677) with Luis Tarabochia in helm finished the event as second being tied in points with Mario Ziliani’s GENERAL LEE (ITA793), who won the title of Melges 24 Italian Champion 2018, completing the overall podium of the event, while Corinthian podium was completed by Marco Cavallini’s JEKO TEAM (ITA638).
Regatta was hosted by the Yacht Club Como in cooperation with Circolo Vela Canottieri Domaso, Melges 24 Italian Class Association and International Melges 24 Class Association.
Photos by Luca Babini: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3
Photos by Alexander Panzeri – Day 1
USA: Kevin Welch wins 2018 Diversified Melges 24 U.S. National Championship Trophy
The 2018 Diversified Melges 24 U.S. National Championship, hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere, CA concluded with Kevin Welch’s MiKEY team being crowned National Champion. A solid string of first place finishes further proves Welch’s ability to dominate in the U.S. Melges 24 Class.
Canada’s Richard Reid sailing ZINGARA was Welch’s closest opponent and ended the event as runner-up, while the remaining top five positions went to three Corinthian teams.
Kent Pierce at the helm of AVERAGE WHITE BOAT finished the event in third overall, and took home the 2018 Diversified Corinthian U.S. National Championship title.
1. Kevin Welch, MIKEY; 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-(DNS-19) = 7
2. Richard Reid, ZINGARA; (6)-2-3-2-2-2-1 = 14
3. (Corinthian) Kent Pierce, AVERAGE WHITE BOAT; 2-3-4-3-(6)-4-5-3 = 24
4. (Corinthian) Doug Wilhelm, WILCO; 3-(6)-5-4-4-5-3-2 = 26
5. (Corinthian) Duane Yoslov, LOOPER; 7-4-(DNF-19)-5-3-6-4-5 = 34
Read more | Results
SWE: Martin Fridh’ Wild Thing Is the Melges 24 Swedish Champion 2018, Peder Nergaard’s Blow Wins Nordic Trophy
The Swedish Championships with 22 teams from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany was held in Malmö on September 7-9. Malmö Sailing Club welcomed Melges 24 sailors to the Limhamns Småbåtshamn harbour and the famous sailing waters in front of västra hamnen.
Peder Nergaard on BLOW NOR787 dominated through entire regatta discarding 5th results from the series of 9 races. Blow did not only win the regatta, they also won the Nordic Trophy 2018.
Marc Wain Pedersen on BODIL DEN840 sailed strong ending up with the second place on the podium followed by Peter Havn on DEN761. Martin Fridh on WILD THING SWE684 with a solid series ended up fourth in the regatta earning the title of Swedish Champion 2018.
White Room GER677 – photo Pierrick Contin
GER: Michael Tarabochia’s White Room Team Is the German Melges 24 Champion 2018
Melges 24 German Open 2018 was held on September 7-9 in Ramsberg, on Großer Brombachsee. After three days, with a total of 6 races, rain, sun, wind and calm, the Melges 24 German Open 2018 at the Großer Brombachsee concluded.
Congratulations to the Michael Tarabochia’s White Room GER677 with Luis Tarabochia in helm winning the 2018 Melges 24 German Title! Stefan Gründler’s IMMAC24 GER688 is the second best and the podium was completed by Martin Thiermann’s BALLYHOO RELOADED GER327.
Rock City EST573 – photo Piret Salmistu
EST: 2018 Melges 24 Estonian Champion is Tiit Vihul and His Team on Rock City
Melges 24 Open Estonian Championships were held in the Kalev Yacht Club, Tallinn (the venue of the Melges 24 Worlds 2010) on September 28-30, offering excitement and tension until the last race, because just during the last race, the title of the Championship was decided. The Championship titles were grabbed by Tiit Vihul, Martin Müür, Lauri Kärner, Ago Rebane and Marilyn Koitnurm sailing on boat ROCK CITY EST573.  Tiit Vihul: “It was a very cool championship and to helm Melges 24 again after five years, was an unforgettable feeling!”
ZUXU EST791 Peter Saraskin secured the silver medals of the Championship, scoring an equal number of points with the winner. LENNY EST790 by Tõnu Tõniste got the bronze medals.
The regatta was attended by four teams from Estonia and one team from Ukraine – Barmaley/Vera UKR661 by Vasily Gureev, third best Corinthian team of the 2017 European Sailing Series. The sailors of these teams do have to show an astonishing number of titles and achievements from various classes and disciplines this year’s international sailing competitions.
Upcoming Events
ITA: LINO FAVINI CUP – Final Stage of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2018 And Italian Melges 24 Tour in Luino on October 12-14
October is here and it’s the time for LINO FAVINI CUP in Luino – already next week! Register now because the Early Bird Entry Fee deadline is October 8!
Traditional Season Ender – Lino Favini Cup – will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year and will host the sailors at its best! At stake will be the trophy dedicated to father of Flavio Favini, who himself is 2007 and 2013 Melges 24 European and 2014 Melges 24 World Champion.
Also, perpetual trophies of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series and Italian Melges 24 Tour will be given to the hold of the 2018 series’ winners there, because Luino regatta is the final event for both of them. Last but not least, the winner of the regatta will be crowned as the Melges 24 Swiss Champion 2018!
CHECK OUT how great it was last year in Luino from this video by Zerogradinord
Don’t miss that!
Associazione Velica Alto Verbano will be the hosting event for this final event for the fourth time already, with the precious support of Luino Town Council and of Chamber Of Commerce of Varese.
Notice of Race, Registration,Entry List and special accommodation offers at melges24.com/europeansailingseries
USA: The Fall Championship Will Take Place on October 6-7 in Lake Geneva, WI
One of the most fun and highly anticipated Melges 24 regattas every year – the Fall Championship on Lake Geneva at the home of the Melges 24!
The 2018 Melges 24 Fall Championship takes place over the upcoming weekend on October 6-7, hosted by the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.
Visit this link to download the Notice of Race and other valuable race documents HERE.
USA: Register to Race 2018-19 Melges 24 Winter Series
A brand new Bacardi Winter Series is launching this year for the Melges 24 Class. The first race weekend for the Bacardi Invitational Winter Series will be 1-2 December 2018, with the second face-off on 19-20 January 2019. The grand finale, and third event will be the awesome 2019 Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta on March 3-9.
Information is available and registration is now open:
Complete details including logistics and schedule: bacardiinvitational.com/winterseries1
Complete details including logistics and schedule: bacardiinvitational.com/winterseries2
Complete details including logistics and schedule: bacardiinvitational.com
The Bacardi organization understands that everyone’s main concern with attending all events may be related to logistics. Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, Shake a Leg Miami and the US Sailing Center are supporting these events and have made space available to launch/dock/store.
Bacardi will help you and guide you through the registration and reservation process with the facility you choose to stay at.
Ian Ainslie on Strange Brew HUN392 sailing at Balaton Solo Race 2018!
19 solo sailors were on the starting line of the 2018 Balaton Solo Race last Saturday morning, among them 4 Melges 24 sailors.  17 sailors finished the race and the fastest to finish after 20:27:45 sailing was Lajos Varga on Flaar26 RR repairing also the current course record around Balaton Lake.
Ian Ainslie on Melges 24 STRANGE BREW HUN392 was third to cross the finish line after 21 hrs 34 minutes 23 seconds sailing.
Other Melges 24 sailors competing, were:
9. Bujáky Attila Hód (Melges24) 22:35:48
12. Huber Lél Passion (Melges24) 22:42:22
13. Matlaszkovszky Miklós Márta Mária (Melges24) 23:07:05
Photo credit: Török Brigi