Viking Line first to launch Benefit Cosmetics in Finland and onboard a passenger vessel in Europe

Benefit Cosmetics is a global cosmetic brand, based in San Francisco in United States of America. Founded in the year 1976, by twins Jean and Jane Ford, as a beauty boutique, they initially specialized in offering quick-fix beauty products for customers. Viking Line is now introducing this reputed and iconic brand on all their seven vessels.


–       We are very happy to be the first to launch Benefit Cosmetics in Finland and on the Baltic Sea onboard all our cruise ships.  We’re also proud to offer their brow bar services onboard Viking Grace. Benefit Cosmetics is a unique beauty and cosmetic brand that believes in laughing and having fun while offering innovative and high-quality products for almost any beauty dilemma. This we are happy to offer to our guests, says Eva Rehnström, Purchasing and Sales Manager, Beauty & Fashion, Viking Line.

Co-founded, in 1976, by Jean and Jane Ford – twin sisters & former models –, Benefit was built as a fun-loving, freethinking and totally new approach to beauty. With its instant beauty solutions with laugh-out-loud names, its creative packaging and its complete range of signature services, Benefit has managed to create a community of women who truly believe that “laughter is the best cosmetic”.

Besides its iconic products and its most emblematic bestsellers like the lip & cheek stain Benetint, the face primer The Porefessional or the mascara They’re real, the brand has also a 70-reference collection of brow products made to solve all women’s dilemmas. The Ford sisters, convinced that shaped eyebrows make all the difference in framing the face, revolutionized the brow services by creating the Brow Bars. Now, Benefit has more than 2700 of them in 43 different countries making it the #1 Brow Brand worldwide since 2016.

–       Benefit is thrilled to paint in pink all the Baltic Sea for this first launch onboard all Viking Line vessels. For the first time ever on a cruise ship in Europe, you will be able to discover exclusive services thanks to Benefit unique brow waxing technique. We truly believe that the collaboration between Benefit and Viking Line is the perfect fit. Our goal at Benefit with this collaboration is to put a smile on the face of every woman, enjoying a nice trip on a Viking vessel!” says Violaine Houze de l’Aulnoit, Key Account Manager Travel Retail Mainland Europe.