A river tube line – the untapped potential of the Thames

Demonstrating why the London Major & Assembly have spectacularly failed to tackle gun, knife, and acid attacks in London. Here is a proposal that’s recommending doing something that’s been done on the River Thames for more than 2,000 years – Tip for Major Khan’t – why not make it a bi-millennium project  – BBN Ed.

The River Thames is an underutilised transport goldmine that cuts through the heart of the capital.


The London Assembly Transport Committee has written to the Mayor of London to champion the waterway and urge him to give more thought to the expansion of river transport services.

Though passenger journeys have been increasing, the committee believes a number of issues need to be addressed urgently to achieve the Mayor’s and Port of London Authority’s (PLA) ambitious target of doubling passenger journeys on the Thames.  Regular and commuter journeys on the River Bus account for only 20 to 30 per cent of total passenger journeys on the Thames.

Given the importance of the river and the pressure on other modes, the Committee thinks it is essential for River Bus services to be given more support.

The letter recommends:

  • A River Ambassador to provide the leadership required to promote river passenger transport.
  • The importance of improving publicity, passenger information and accessibility.
  • TfL should address congestion around piers in central London.
  • The need to reduce harmful emissions from river vessels.

Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM, Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee said;


“London’s river has fantastic potential to enhance our transport network, but it is being under-utilised.  What it needs is a champion to establish the River Bus as a key part of London’s transport network and to invite investment for new infrastructure or upgrades.


“We would like to see more emphasis on increasing regular and commuter journeys on the River Bus.  Accessibility also needs to improve, as there are a number of smaller piers that are not accessible.  And TfL needs to actively manage congestion around the central piers.


“We want to see a boom in river travel but don’t want to undermine efforts to reduce dangerous emissions. So, river-specific emissions standards need to be developed to reduce all river vessel pollution.


“What could be more charming than taking the Thames to work?”