Fijian people are immensely proud and in love with their islands. The nation pride themselves on not only giving back to their environment, but also by looking after it. The Mamanuca Islands have an incredible list of eco-tourism destinations where visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful pristine environment, but also give something back to the local community of where they are staying.



Protecting wildlife is a crucial part of Fijian life and Fiji is the perfect destination to see exotic creatures in their natural habitats. The Mamanucas are set amongst the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific and being fringed with coral reefs, rich in different species of marine life, the islands are the perfect destination for water-lovers.  Guests shouldn’t be surprised to spy the blacktip reef shark which takes up residence in the warm waters of the islands, or dolphins splashing in the wave breaks as they explore the islands.

For guests who want to get up close and personal with their wildlife, the Kula Wild Adventure Park is an environmental showplace of the South Pacific. Situated near Sigatoka, it is home to endangered Fijian iguanas, baby snakes and hawksbill sea turtles. Working in cooperation with the National Trust for Fiji, the Endangered Species Recovery Council of San Diego and the Parks Board of New South Wales (PBNSW) Australia, the park is the only captive breeding facility in Fiji for endangered and indigenous species.

However, it’s not just the Kula Wild Adventure Park who is encouraging guests to learn more about the endangered species of Fiji. Tavarua Island has also been working with the Fijian Department of Fisheries to care for and nurture the endangered giant clam species. The isle recently welcomed 500 baby clams to the island with hopes of improved reproduction in the wild among the local reef and Fiji as a whole. The fishing restrictions established recently by the Tavarua habitants and surrounding villages helped to rehabilitate the reef system surrounding the island.

Another key resort contributing to preserving the environment is Castaway Island, committed to ecological responsibility and protecting the island’s lavish tropical vegetation. The white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs ensure that guests get to relax and leave the island in a better condition than they found it, through eco-friendly activities.

The Islands also have the Mamanuca Environment Society. The Society is committed to the promotion of awareness of the need to protect the marine and terrestrial resources of the Mamanuca Region and to assist in the environmentally sustainable development of these resources, for the benefit of present and future generations.

The environment is now at the forefront of all Fijians minds, and Tourism Fiji has produced a film narrated by ocean explorer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau to showcase the hard work that the industry is doing to protect and conserve their islands.  Featuring the Yasawa islands, as well as the Mamanuca Islands, it is an awe-inspiring video that highlights Fiji as a sustainable holiday destination where visitors come and make a difference. To download this video in HD please click here and to dowload the video in 4K please click here.

Now easier than ever to reach, Fiji Airways provides flights from Singapore and San Francisco to Fiji. Fiji Airways also connects with flights from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Los Angeles, so holidaymakers from the UK will need to change at one of these destinations.  Korean Air also offers some fantastic rates via Seoul.

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