Tuco adds autonomous control to its workboat options; Rolls-Royce unveils an LNG-fueled superyacht concept

VIDEO: Tuco adds autonomous control to its workboat options
November 13, 2017 — Faaborg, Denmark, based Tuco Marine is launching Denmark’s first commercially available line of remote controlled and autonomous workboats. Tuco is using technology developed by Boston, MA, based Sea Machine Robotics, Inc. The Tuco launch announcement comes on the eve of an international conference on autonomous ships hosted by the Danish Maritime Authority in Copenhagen.


Rolls-Royce unveils an LNG-fueled superyacht concept
Designed to showcase the advantages of advanced ship intelligence solutions and hybrid propulsion based on LNG fuel and battery power, the Crystal Blue yacht and its attendant support vessel Blue Shadow have been developed to enable new thinking in yacht design and propulsion by optimizing the yacht’s superstructure for greater guest use and comfort.
New versatile tug design from Robert Allan, Sanmar

The versatile design—which comes in two class designations, TRAktor 2500-SX or ART 60-25SX—was developed in close cooperation with Sanmar to achieve production efficiencies and more standardization.
Shipping escapes EU emissions trading net — for now

The agreement came after long negotiations until late into the night and, from the outset, the European Parliament was eager to include shipping in the trading system from 2023 in the event of insufficient progress in the IMO’s negotiations on a CO2 strategy.
CMA CGM opts for WinGD engines to power LNG fueled box giants

The 92 cm bore, dual-fuel low-speed engines are WinGD’s largest and operate on the lean burn Otto combustion process with low-pressure gas admission and micro-pilot ignition.