GAO calls for delay in acquiring LCS’s frigate successors; Strong crude exports from North Sea, GOM

GAO calls for delay in acquiring LCS's frigate successors
GAO calls for delay in acquiring LCS’s frigate successors
April 19, 2017 —There are those who love the Navy’s LCS (littoral combat ship) program, and those that decidedly do not. The ding dong between the LCS lovers and the LCS haters continues…

VIDEO: Tuco introduces fish farm cat
The boat is built from composite materials, giving it a high strength and low weight.
Strong crude exports from North Sea, GOM

The last quarter has shown that world VLCC and Suezmax ton miles have decreased; however, smaller producers have worked to meet the gap in demand.
Med’s largest high-speed cat will debut in 2018

The 110 m vessel will have 1,134 passenger seats and a garage deck designed to carry 23 heavy commercial trailers.
Antifouling foul? More tin sneaks in

Remember TBT? Perhaps the most effective antifouling toxin ever, organotin tributyltin (TBT) was banned by an IMO convention that came into effect in 2008. Or was it?
Pipelay vessel snags charter from Petrobras

The vessel has among the highest flexible pipelay tension capacity in the world (650 tons), enabling the installation of large diameter flexible pipes in the ultra-deepwater Brazilian pre-salt area.
LNG fueled ferries to have MAN Cryo fuel-gas supply systems

The ferries will have are being built to Multi Maritime MM 125FD design.
Rotortug infield support vessel will operate in Timor Sea

The ART 100-46 is a custom-designed 46 m Rotortug with a bollard pull of 100 tonnes.