Marine Log’s March 2017 Digital Edition

Vol. 122. No. 3

Welcome to Marine Log’s March Digital Edition.

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact both on a personal and business level. For the maritime industry—an industry that likes to take its time when adopting new technologies and changing its modus operandi—IoT could make shipping smarter, faster, safer and more efficient.

To get the scoop on IoT and Big Data, we spoke with Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Maritime, who gave us insight into the company’s Fleet Xpress service and how it could change shipping operations for the better. Read what Mr. Spithout had to say in this month’s CEO Spotlight.

With 100 LNG-fueled vessels in operation and another 101 on order or under construction, bunkering infrastructure for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is finally starting to emerge in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. With IMO’s 0.5% global sulfur cap set for 2020, will more operators begin to opt for clean-burning LNG as an alternative? Find out more in Gas Rising.

A South Korean court recently declared Hanjin Shipping officially bankrupt. But how could a company that was the seventh largest containership company in the world fail? What lessons are there for the shipping industry? Wook Chung, Esq., Of Counsel, Maritime and transportation Practice, Montgomery McCracken, gives readers some insight into the container shipping giant’s demise in Hanjin Shipping: From the eye of the storm and back.

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John R. Snyder
Editor & Publisher

Gas Rising
As LNG bunkering infrastructure grows and the global sulfur cap looms closer, more operators could opt for natural gas   
The Tragic Loss of the El Faro
Vanuatu Maritime Services Ltd’s Matthew Bonvento explores what, if any, new regulations may emerge from the El Faro tragedy
CEO Spotlight: Inmarsat’s Ronald Spithout
President of Inmarsat Maritime, Ronald Spithout discusses how the company’s Fleet Xpress service will change shipping operations for the better
Creating Connections
A look at the latest acquisitions, partnerships and news from the maritime communications field  
Intelligent Software
For shipping companies hoping to save on costs, intelligent software may be the answer
Hanjin Shipping: From the Eye of the Storm and Back
Once the seventh largest container carrier in the world, Hanjin Shipping is officially bankrupt—what can the shipping industry learn from its downfall?  
Ports: Gateway to Asia
Port Alberni plots Vancouver’s PATH to growth
Plus: Methanol, another road to compliance    
• Vard reels in a big one
• VT Halter, Hornbeck arbitration underway
• Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding keeps busy with winter work
• Cocoracchio joins MARINE LOG

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