MARAD advisory warns of risks to U.S.-flag ships; Economou’s Ocean Rig files for bankruptcy

MARAD advisory warns of Yemen risks to U.S.-flag ships
MARAD advisory warns of Yemen risks to U.S.-flag ships
March 28, 2017 — The U.S. Maritime Administration has issued an advisory warning that regional tensions in Yemen have increased the risks to U.S.-flagged commercial vessels transiting the Southern Red Sea.

Economou’s Ocean Rig files for bankruptcy
“Ocean Rig is taking the appropriate steps to allow us to emerge as a much stronger company…”
LNG bunkering is an idea whose time hasn’t come (yet)

Will shipowners embrace burning LNG to comply with stricter emissions or remain wary of the upfront investment and lack of bunkering infrastructure?
Tidewater: Business as usual as waiver expires

“Negotiations with our lenders and noteholders are progressing well…” said Jeffrey M. Platt, Tidewater President and CEO.
ABS meetings discuss sulfur cap and EU MRV regulations

As owners begin to prepare for compliance, they want to select solutions that best meet their unique fleet profiles.
Caustic soda spill leads to costly damage

The USCG has issued a “lessons learned” circular on the hazards of chemical spills.
Inmarsat and Blue Maritime Cluster talk digital disruption

The workshop explored Inmarsat’s future bandwidth programs, including its Fleet Xpress.
Kobe Steel puts turbocharger waste heat to work

The system is the first in the world to generate electricity from the exhaust heat emitted by the ship’s turbocharger.