Conrad delivers Vane asphalt barge; Zukunft makes plea to fund USCG as an armed service

VIDEO: Conrad delivers Vane asphalt barge
VIDEO: Conrad delivers Vane asphalt barge
March 17, 2017 — Conrad Shipyard recently delivered the Double Skin 510A, a 55,000- BBL capacity asphalt barge, to the Vane Brothers Company.

Zukunft makes plea to fund USCG as an armed service
“We must invest to restore our military readiness. Our capability. Our capacity.”
OMB drops plan to cut Coast Guard budget

After attracting criticism, a Trump Administration draft proposal that would have made big cuts in Coast Guard spending looks to have died.
DHT Holdings sells 2001-built VLCC

About $13.0 million of bank debt will be repaid in connection with the sale and the company will record a book loss of about $4.0 million in the first quarter 2017.
Nigerian offshore fields to get two new Guardians

The primary mission of the new Guardians will be carrying out security patrols, as well as occasional transfers of crew and supplies.
Catamaran cleans fish farm nets

The process of cleaning a net when still suspended in the water involves use of an RONC.
Martek Marine to play major role in EMSA drone project

The drones will be used to perform beyond visual line of sight operations and will assist with border control activities, search & rescue operations and monitoring of pollution, as well as the detection of illegal fishing and drug and people trafficking.
Somali pirates release hijacked tanker

The NGO Oceans Beyond Piracy says the release was “due to the efforts of the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF)” and that “the entire crew is reported unharmed.”