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7th Mount Gay Rum Neptune Regatta

AY Pre-Regatta Report

2016/17 AY Grand Prix Event

Awakening of King Neptune at the equator…
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
28:01:2017 Batam, Indonesia: The Neptune experience is very unique, as it’s the only race in the world, that takes sailing and power boat crews to the equator, for the expressed purpose of celebrating the crossing. In technical terms – The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback’s. Once again the SE Asian gateway to Indonesia, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort on Batam Island, is the departure port, for the island hopping passage race, through the Riau Islands, to a meeting with King Neptune at the equator.

Most the yachts are owned by expats living in Singapore and the regatta is a good excuse to escape the traffic jams, over the Chinese New Year break. Building onto the successful 2016 formula, they have added several tweaks to expand the program this year. Experimenting with a new 75nm Leg 1 race, around the north side of Bintan for the IRC and Multihull Racing classes to Fish Head Island. The cruising classes will continue with the traditional route down the Riau Strait between Batam and Bintan. On the return journey, stopping over at the village of Benan, with its sheltered anchorage, accessible pier, restaurants and resort accommodation will provide a new experience, and a much needed shower, for all.

The all-tide dingy landing dock introduced last year, will be bigger and easier to access and new A-frame huts are being built on Neptune Island are designed to make the 4-day equator experience more accessible and comfortable.

Last weekend the North Easterly arrived with a vengeance and forecasted to mellow to the mid to high teens, throughout next week. On the racing side Alex “Ferret” Voss (Regatta Director) and Jerry Rollin (Principle Race Officer) are expecting to provide crews with a downwind sleigh ride, on the island hopping adventure to the equator and the frivolities pertaining to being ceremonially inducted, will be a memorable occasion.

Unfortunately the Racing Class yachts are giving the regatta a miss this year, but thirteen monohull’s are divided into Premier Cruising and Cruising Classes based on their size and IRC ratings. Nine Multihull’s are divided into Racing and Cruising based on their design and performance.

Seven Motor Yachts this year (including five committee support boats) show that the Neptune Regatta is continuing with the pioneering work of opening up the Riau archipelago to the pleasure boating world.

The Neptune Regatta is the seventh point scoring regatta on the annual AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP), where all the skippers and yachts are awarded points based on their overall placing’s at the end of the regatta. The score goes towards being crowned the 2016-17 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year.

Check out the 2016-17 AYGP Rankings, by clicking on SkipperYachtRegatta and Scoring System.

The main emphasis is having fun while racing a yacht to a new tropical destination. Four 50ft plus Singapore based boats, Robert Lamoureux Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux, Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara, Prof David Stringer and Dr Irene Lim Beneteau 54 Kayhan and Fintan McKiernan’s Beneteau 50 Sea Monster are contesting the Premier Cruising Class.

Nigel Gribble Beneteau 390 Hikaru II, Anna Fourie Beneteau Oceanis 41 Ma Ja Belle and Graeme Hespe CS36 Jens Jaunt are returning for another attempt at the Cruising Class title. They will have to overcome newcomers Kris & Monica Levickis Beneteau 34 Vitamin Sea II, Oliver Nolan Corbin 39 Dessert First, Patrick Lim Oceanis 37 Windhover, Andrew Schleis 48ft Mazu and Clive Haswell’s 45ft Calon Lân. Their biggest threat is Chris Mitchell’s Naut 40 Lady Bubbly that is occupying 7th place in the AYGP Rankings and has constantly collected trophies at other major Asian events.

In the Multihull Racing class, five Corsair 750’s, Graham Horn Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too, Shaun Norris Dash 750 Witblits, Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze and Alice Lim Dash 750 DebDash and Tim Hill’s family sailed Dash 750 Cicak are going head to head in one design racing. Guy Scott’s newly acquired Stealth 11.8 Afterburner are joining in the fun on their first outing.

After having a good time on past years, several yachts are making return appearances. In the Multihull Cruising Class, husband and wife team on Gary & Karen Matthews Lagoon 46 Katrianne are taking on newcomers Leszek Artur Dymaczewski Firefly 28 Firefly.

Creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where boat hopping, living onboard and consuming sumptuous amounts of food and drink is encouraged amongst all the participants. By popular demand MC Richard “Cannonball” Gillam is back to rock the Neptune Bar, courtesy of Mount Gay Rum (recently dubbed the “Best bar in Asia for 4 days a year”) will be running non-stop and Mt Gay Rum sundowners for an hour every evening.

Chef Rizan makes a return appearance and Muddy Murphy’s Pub in Singapore are bringing some extra spice to the dining table.

As we will be out of internet reach for the entire regatta, readers will have to wait, till we return from the Equator next weekend, for the full run down, on what took place.

More details check out the Neptune Regatta website.
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Premier Cruising Class
Owner / Type / Boat Name
Robert Lamoureux Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux
Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara
Prof David Stringer and Dr Irene Lim
Beneteau 54 Kayhan
Fintan McKiernan Beneteau 50 Sea Monster

Multihull Racing
Owner / Type / Boat Name
Graham Horn Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too
Shaun Norris Dash 750 Witblits
Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze
Alice Lim Dash 750 DebDash

Guy Scott Stealth 11.8 Afterburner

Motor Yacht Rally Fleet
Owner / Type / Boat Name
Capt Jelle de Vries Clipper 52 Odisea
Nico Derksen Bavaria 29 Suntosa II

Cruising Class
Owner / Type / Boat Name

Chris Mitchell Naut 40 Lady Bubbly
Nigel Gribble Beneteau 390 Hikaru II
Anna Fourie Beneteau Oceanis 41 Ma Ja Belle
Kris & Monica Levickis Beneteau 34 Vitamin Sea II
Alyssa Nolan Corbin 39 Dessert First
Patrick Lim Oceanis 37 Windhover
Andrew Schleis 48ft Mazu
Clive Haswell 45ft Calon Lân
Graeme Hespe CS36 Jens Jaunt

Multihull Cruising
Owner / Type / Boat Name

Gary & Karen Matthews Lagoon 46 Katrianne
Leszek Artur Dymaczewski Firefly 28 Firefly
Tim Hill Dash 750 Cicak

Support Boats
Todd Keeler Ocean 55 Fishhead
Graham Lind Sea Dreamer
Sean Fowler Donzi
Roger Steadler LaMarca
Niick Stratton Tricky J2

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