Advancing marine operations through dataIn chaos theory,


In chaos theory, it is said that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Sahara could cause a tsunami on the other side of the world; some have attributed this to the supposed fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Today, thanks to the Internet, connectivity has become possible and “visible,” dramatically changing the way that we live and the world that we live in.

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Commodore’s Cup – AY Pre-Regatta Report

9th Commodore’s Cup 2016

AY Pre-Regatta Report

2015/16 AY Grand Prix Event

Commodore’s Cup kicks off in Philippine Home of Sailing
By AY MultiMedia
28th March 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines:
Coming off the back of a bruising
Rolex China Sea Race, Subic Sailing have invited competitors to join in the action at the Commodore’s Cup this week. Local racing teams preformed with distinction at the Subic to Boracay Race and Cup earlier this month and enjoy pitting their skills against the visiting teams. Subic Bay is quickly becoming known as the Home of Sailing in the Philippines, as two keelboat classes swing into action, in conjunction with the Philippine Sailing Association, Streaker and Optimist classes, begin their assault for individual glory, sharing the same waters as the main bout.

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March AYGP News Summary

March 2016 – AsianYachting Grand Prix – News SummaryGoto 2014-15 AYGP Microsite

2015/2016 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year

Goto AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year Black Baza spirals to top the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
April 27th 2016 Subic Bay, Philippines: Scoring maximum points for Overall IRC and Class victories on the Rolex China Sea Race, sending Steve Manning/Anthony Root’s Ker 42 Black Baza spiraling to the top of the AYGP rankings. After contesting six events this season they have maxed out on 71.25 points and like a ‘Drop Race’, can only improve at future regattas in increments better than their lowest scoring event.

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At 00.03hr on Saturday 26th March 2016, Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat to go to the assistance of a 10m charity rowing vessel with four persons on board, approximately 12.5 miles off Seahouses, east of the Farne Islands. The vessel had radioed the coastguard requesting assistance, as they could no longer make any headway against the tide, and were having trouble with their steering apparatus. Weather conditions had started to deteriate. A passing cargo vessel had also responded and was standing by the vessel, till the lifeboat arrived.

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Damaged bulker completes river transit; Crane raises tug that sank near Tappan Zee Bridge

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VIDEO: Damaged bulker completes river transit
March 24, 2016—The 54,881 dwt Panamanian flagged bulk carrier Sparna is now awaiting repairs pierside in North Kalama, WA, after briefly grounding near river marker 36 in Oregon on Monday morning. The 623 ft Sparna was fully loaded with grain in its cargo holds, and carrying 218,380 gallons of high sulfur fuel and 39,380 gallons of marine diesel.

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Future control center for unmanned ships; U.S., Cuba in agreement on navigational safety

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March 23, 2016—Rolls-Royce has unveiled its vision for the land-based control centers that it believes will remotely monitor and control tomorrow’s unmanned ships. In a six minute film, Rolls-Royce presents a future in which a small crew of 7 to 14 people monitor and control the operation of a fleet of vessels across the world.

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Three Oman Sail crews kick off their 2016 European campaigns at Spi Ouest in France

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Oman Sail’s young sailors and their mentors head off to chilly North Atlantic waters this week where three separate crews, including the new Oman Airports Diam 24 with Stevie Morrison, an all Omani men’s team and the Oman Sail Women’s Team led by Dee Caffari – launch their 2016 campaigns in Europe at the Spi Ouest event at La Trinite-sur-Mer in France.

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