Anthem passengers file class action suit against RCCL; Expedition members taken off grounded icebreaker

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Expedition members taken off grounded icebreaker
February 26, 2016—The incident began Wednesday, February 24, when the icebreaker Aurora Austaralis broke free of its mooring lines at Mawson at 9:15 am local time, during a blizzard and subsequently grounded on rocks at West Arm in Horseshoe Harbor.

Anthem passengers file class action suit against RCCL
According to the complaint, the lawsuit “deals with defendant RCCL’s knowing and intentional decision to sail the Anthem of the Seas, carrying more than 4,000 paying passengers, directly into the path of a hurricane.”

Damen and Pearlson to cooperate on shiplift projects
The Damen Shipyards Group and Pearlson Shiplift Corporation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for close cooperation on the design and execution of shiplift projects around the world.

Is the Baltic on the block?
An iconic shipping industry institution with roots going back to 1744, appears to be up for sale—or at least listening seriously to offers.

Life saving appliance checklist app released
LR and the UK P&I Club have released a Life-Saving Appliances pocket checklist app to help ensure that ship personnel are trained in how to inspect, maintain and operate life-saving equipment, and ensure that the equipment is ready for use at all times.

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