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AY Race Report 2

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Wind moderates but the ‘Show must go on’…
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
8th December 2015: In stark contrast to yesterdays windy conditions, overnight it moderated to light and variable but the sunshine and blue sky, remains ominously present. Despite this the race officers set a variety of windward/leeward, trapezoid and short passage races off the west coast, keeping the yachts in close vicinity, in case it peters out altogether. Only one race for some cruising classes, while others played the waiting game and completed two races in shifty conditions. As there was more wind on the IRC racing courses they persisted and completed three races to keep the schedule on track. Not the ideal environment to settle the score at an important event like the King’s Cup but as they say in the classics ‘The show must go on’.

At Sunday nights Welcome Party, Frank Pong explained how important it is for the big boats, that give the smaller boats time, to get a clean start in clear air, and begin to claw back the time difference from the off or they will never make up the lost time. That’s exactly what Duncan Hine’s crew have executed on Philip Turner’s Reichel-Pugh 66 Alive, with the help of a canting keel and powerful sail wardrobe have scored line honours in every race. Converting to handicap wins is another problem and Frank Pong’s Dibley 75 Jelik is the only boat to have achieved it in this class, on the long race yesterday when conditions suited them.

The lighter conditions have suited Sarab Singh’s Welbourn 52 Windsikher II and defending champion Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing. They traded first and second places in the three races held today, which extends Singh’s Windsikher II overall lead in the IRC 0 class and become the top scoring team of the day. As the drop race is introduced, brings Roberts Millenium Racing back into contention in second overall. After an explosive first race win yesterday, Hannes Waimer’s chartered TP52 Team Premier Oi!, are only a few seconds off the pace and three third places today, relegates them down to third overall.

As they haven’t reached their target speeds yet, Frank Pong’s Jelik and Philip Turner’s Alive, languish in fourth and fifth places respectively and continue to fight over line honours.

Two wins for Estonia’s Matti Sep chartered Dubois 40 Blue Note and one for Ken Eyears’ Sydney 40 MOD Redefine reshuffles the IRC 1 overall standings in their favour. Overnight leader, Kevin Whitcraft’s GP 42 Wan Ma Rang continues to take line honours but when their time is adjusted by the IRC ratings, they finished down the order in third overall and made way for the advancing teams. Also up and down the order, is Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth’s Sydney GTS43 EFG Bank Mandrake stay in fourth place and will have to rediscover some consistency to get back into the running. Looking at the time sheets, only a few minutes separate the seven competitors and as there is a long way to go, this class is still very open for the taking.

The duel between Japan’s Yasuo Nanamori’s Beneteau 40.7 Karasu and Roland Dane’s Corby 36 Jessandra II continues and two wins for Karasu, as opposed to Jessandra II one win, breaks the overnight tie in favour Karasu by one point. Consistently scoring third places, leaves Mick Tilden‘s syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujin in third overall and along with the other two highly ranked teams below them, have some work to do to topple the leaders.

Thailand’s Ithinai Yingsiri’s X55 Pine-Pacific continues on the winning streak and has started to build a two picket fence, out of the Premier Cruising Class scoreboard. Although similar in design, Aussie’s Kim Ramen and Adrian Fini’s X55 Audeamus, doesn’t seem to be able to match the pace of Pine-Pacific and may need to be optimised for lighter air in Asian waters. Third place for Philipp Liholm’s Jeanneau 57 Raincloud keeps them in third overall and Russian Andrey Eliseey’s chartered Baby Tonga followed suite in fourth.

The usually spectacular Multihull classes, were dramatically slowed by the light wind and flying the hull was limited to very brief moments. These conditions rely on exceptional crew work, to keep the boat moving fast at all times. By scoring three wins, John Newnham’s defending champion Twin Sharks takes over the lead, in the one-design Firefly 850 Sports Class. Two second and one third place for Hans Rahmann’s Voodoo settles them in second overall but considers it a temporary setback and ready to fight for the lead. After retiring yesterday, Neil Ayre’s Advance Racing returned to score third and second places, putting pressure on Jon Kingdon’s Moto Inzi, third overall but dropping to fourth in the final race, keeps Advance Racing poised for a take over.

In the Multihull Racing class Mick Coleman/John Coffin’s Stealth 11.8 Java, nailed it today with two wins and a second place, to achieve two things. Beating the sister ship, Alan Carwardine’s Asia Catamarans Hurricane, doesn’t happen very often and go directly to the top of the score sheet. Carwardine’s Asia Catamarans Hurricane is never far behind and one win plus two second places, leaves them one point off the pace and ready to strike at any time. Despite the big win yesterday, David Liddell’s 14m WOW, fell slightly of the pace and opened the door for the leaders to come through and reduced them to third overall. Little separates the Stealth designs, that seem to have the legs over the other production boat designs, down the order.

Only one race today in the Multihull Cruising class. Grant Horsfield’s massive Fountaine Pajot 67 Arabella’s Naked Dad, arrived at the finish line in third place but when handicap corrections were carried out, they are declared the winner and climb the ladder into third overall. Another second place for Russian Nikolay Pismenskiy’s Lagoon 380 Star Fruit, keeps them steady in second overall. Third place added to their resounding victory yesterday, Japan’s Norikazu Arai’s Lagoon 410 Minnie sits on top of the table, tied on 4 points with second placed Star Fruit. Although hampered by the light wind, there is ample deck space for the guests to lounge around and fully stocked galley, keeps them refreshed in the hot conditions.

Andrew de Bruin’s Corsair Pulse 600 Multihull Solutions H30 returned to form, by trading first and second places with Elizabeth Schoch’s Sudu 3. This result elevates them both up the table, to first and second overall, in the new one-design Performance Catamaran Class. Yesterdays winner, Scott Galle’s Sudu 4 could only manage fifth and third places, to slip down the order to third overall.

Two wins for Wiwat Poonpat’s Platu 25 Royal Thai Navy 1, lifts them to the top of the podium, in the Modern Classic class. Yesterday the Farr 1104’s started to dominate but a slow first race today, dropped John Vickery’s Farrgo Express down into second overall and Mike Downard’s Krabi Boat Lagoon Piccolo, clung onto third place by restoring the order in the second race.

Despite having 15 yachts in the Bareboat Class, the same names keep cropping up at the top of the score sheets. By adding two more wins to their tally, Andrey Novikov’s Oceanis 40 Alexa is dominating the class. Ukrainian Leonid Fakeev’s Malee took the fight to the Russians and in doing so, have improved into second overall. Fourth and third places for Andrey Arbuzov’s Jeanneau 409 Sumalee is enough to claim third overall, in front of a hungry chasing pack.

There is no stopping Vladimir Oleynikov’s chartered First 47.7 Popeye from winning all the races in the Open Charter class. Second and third places for Shen Sheng’s Chinese team on the J130 Big Boy Sailing Team, keeps them in second overall. Fourth and second places for Boris Gusev’s Hanse 400E Kata Rocks 3 (Venture) slots them into third overall and a lot of work to do, if they intend on toppling the runaway leader.

An overnight correction in the provisional Cruising Class results, finds Tony Byrnes First 40.7 Mohawk, alone at the top of the table. By adding third place and another win to their tally, they have established a 6 point lead in the overall standings. Aussie Rod Mulcahy’s Beneteau First 44.7 Slipstream now holds equal second place, with Kiwi Warren Batt’s Farr 46 Mustang Sally and turning into a classic Aussie – Kiwi battle. In the results reshuffle, Chris Mitchell’s defending champion Naut 40 Lady Bubbly drops down to 7th place, despite clambering back into second place in the first race today.

The Classic class results have also been reversed from yesterday. Cedric Rimaud Vintage 6r4 Selma, becomes the retiree but made up for it today, by winning both races and goes directly to the top of the class. Japan’s Kiyoshi Masuda’s less sleeker Umeboshi, continues to finish all races in traditional style in the two boat class.

Racing continues tomorrow and overnight rain may have an effect on the weather conditions.

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