Freeport McMoran discovers oil in Deepwater GOM; USCG issues new policy letter on BWM compliance

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Freeport McMoran discovers oil in Deepwater GOM
September 29, 2015—Freeport-McMoRan reports that it has discovered oil from its Horn Mountain Deep well in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Initial production from the well, which will be tied back to existing facilities, is expected in first half 2017.

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The Rolex Farr 40 World Championship marks the culmination of the season for this high-performance circuit of one-design yacht racing that has remained at the forefront of the sailing world for nearly two decades. With rules that guarantee identical yachts, owners compete on even terms, allowing the skill of each crew to make the difference. The importance of preparation, precision and perfect timing at the start cannot be overstated.

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The Spanish Inn


• Only seven boats still at sea
• The Mini community organises their repairs, boat checks and evenings out
• Pilar Pasanau leaves the race

All the skipper will remember their arrival in Lanzarote. After having broken his two bowsprits, François Jambou, didn’t expect much of a welcome as he crossed the line in the small hours of the night. But, as the Minist community was celebrating the birhtday of three of their own, they all moved to the series boat pontoon to make his arrival as memorable as possible.

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Game On for the Start of the 2015 Audi Melges 20 World Championship


Official World Championship measurement, practice and tuning sessions wrap up on Tuesday as teams prepare for big-fleet Audi Melges 20 racing

San Francisco, CA – Without any doubt the excitement and anticipation surrounding the 2015 Audi Melges 20 World Championship hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club (SFYC) will reach a maximum boiling point on Wednesday, 30 September and be set on a high-simmer for four days of fun, fast and competitive racing on San Francisco Bay, complemented by great on-shore post-racing parties and activities.

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Six of one, half a dozen of the other…


• Groups of sailors arrived throughout the night and morning
• The competitors shared their happiness about the journey and disappointment at results
• 17 boats still racing

They arrived in flurries in the port of Arrecife on the western coast of the island of Lanzarote. Little by little, the Mini-ists moored their monohulls alongside those of their friends. It was a chance to go over the course, to chat and to relax. At this moment, the word ‘rivalry’ is only a word.

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With a nod to the Young Rascals, John Demourkas was certainly ‘Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon’ as he won the 2015 Rolex Farr 40 World Championship by one point over defending champion Alex Roepers on Plenty. Demourkas, the second-longest member of the class with 11 years of helming the one-design Farr 40 under his belt, has never before finished on the podium at the world championship.

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