Pegasus Airlines PWA Windsurfing World Cup Alacati winners announced as Pierre Mortefon for the Men’s title and Sarah-Ouita Offringa for the Women’s


LONDON – (25 August 2015) The PWA Windsurfing World Cup, sponsored by Pegasus Airlines for the ninth year running, came to an end at the weekend with its final races as 95 windsurfers (64 men, 31 women) from 33 countries competed for the Cup. Pierre Mortefon was the winner in the Men’s category and Sarah-Ouita Offringa won in the Women’s’. The winning windsurfers together shared the prize of €55,000.

The races began on Monday 17 August and were held over six days, with Sarah-Ouita Offringa announced as the winner of the Women’s category at the Pegasus Airlines PWA World Cup. Marion Mortefon from France came 2nd, while Cagla Kubat from Turkey was 3rd.


In the Men’s category, Pierre Mortefon from France was the winner, while Italian Malte Reuscher took 2nd place and Matteo Lachino, also from Italy, came 3rd.


Dutch Ben Van Der Steen (men’s) and Turkish Lena Erdil (women’s) received Pegasus’ special award for speed


For the third year running in the PWA Windsurfing World Cup’s Alacati races, the fastest windsurfers were rewarded by Pegasus Airlines. Windsurfers’ racing speeds were measured via GPS devices attached to their arms and the award for the fastest male windsurfer went to Ben Van Der Steel with a speed of 69km/h and the fastest female was Lena Erdil at 61km/h. The winners each received a prize of €1000.

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