Diamondra (Southern Indian Ocean)

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Satellite image of the Tropical Cyclone Diamondra in the South Indian Ocean.
Image Credit: JTWC/SATOPS

Diamondra Sitting in the Middle of the Indian Ocean Not Threatening Land

Tropical Cyclone Diamondra is currently in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is not threatening any land masses at this time. Its movement during the past six hours have been south-southeastward at 5 kph. Diamondra is located approximately 936 miles south southeast of Diego Garcia. The satellite imagery shows diminishing convection and winds in the storm. It has been downgraded to a subtropical cyclone. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center will continue to monitor the storm for signs of regeneration, but at this time, this will be the storm’s last update unless conditions change.

Lynn Jenner with information from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center




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