VNR – Last medical training for the Volvo Ocean Race onboard sailors

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– Interview with Mark Towill (USA), crew member, Team Alvimedica
– 2011 Team Camper Mike Pammenter injury
– Medical training footage

ALICANTE, Spain – The onboard medic-sailors competing in the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race have completed their last medical training.

More than a basic first aid refresher course, the mandatory medical training each Volvo Ocean Race team had to carry out in the last few months and days are key to survival while at sea.

The training covers basic emergencies and safety procedures, as well as professional medical acts such as competently managing an air-way, applying simple strapping and plaster casts, undertaking skin suturing, inserting intravenous tubes and giving intravenous fluids, giving both intra-muscular and intravenous injections, applying a temporary dental filling etc.

During each leg, the teams can also communicate with the Volvo Ocean Race’s doctor, Pablo Diaz Munio or a specialised surgeon for remote guidance while performing medical acts and surgery.

Each team is required to have at least two of their members trained.


00:00 Interview with MARK TOWILL (USA) – Team Alvimedica

00:44 2011 Team Camper Mike Pammenter injury

01:09 Pablo Diaz Munio (Volvo Ocean Race Doctor) leading a leg injury treatment excercise

01:21 Arm injury training

01:27 Scalpel cutting training

01:33 Injection training

01:41 Leg break and strapping training

01:55 Arm cast application training

02:05 Stitching training

02:33 General Views – crew members listening and talking

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