Vitruvius Launch Grace E at The Monaco Yacht Show 2014


Vitruvius® Yachts Ltd launch GRACE E at The Monaco Yacht Show 2014
Collaboration between Vitruvius® Ltd and Picchiotti Spa

The latest yacht to be launched by Vitruvius® Ltd and Picchiotti Spa is 73m Grace E. She is the Admiral of the Vitruvius fleet following on from the two motor yachts sold thus far, from the powerful Vitruvius / Picchiotti collaboration. She follows on from 50m Exuma launched in 2010 and 55M Ice Class, Galileo G launched in 2011.

The combination of luxury, comfort and efficiency is a hallmark of the Vitruvius® series for which naval architect Philippe Briand is recognized and has been rewarded.

Grace E is a very well balanced design. The yacht is perfectly stable, hence very comfortable. The fine water entry and the stretched hull guarantee low consumption. This efficiency makes her the ideal yacht for cruising and exploring the world. With her sleek looks, Grace E promises all who sail on her a unique experience. The perfect yacht for an owner wishing to explore the oceans, she is designed to travel to out of reach places.

Designed by Philippe Briand in conjunction with Picchiotti, this stylish yacht began as a three-deck 53 metre yacht but evolved into a 73 metre yacht with five decks, boasting 1200 m2 of luxurious recreational facilities.

Her superior surroundings are synonymous with a yacht of outstanding caliber. Beautifully designed accommodation for up to 12 guests is provided in seven staterooms, four double cabins and two twin cabins. The Owner accommodation comprises a 92m2 suite, situated on the main deck and featuring extensive bay windows offering fabulous views out to sea.

Grace E is the perfect setting for combining socialising with wellbeing. Guests may choose from a large exercise pool, an extensive spa which includes a hammam, gym, steam room, dry sauna and cold plunge pool as well as treatment rooms and plenty of shaded areas for relaxation. The state-of-the-art fitness center is equipped with cardiovascular machines, weight machines and a kinesis machine.

Timeless and elegant seating feature throughout living areas to create a refined atmosphere that is comfortable without compromising on style. Designed by Rémi Tessier, Grace E’s sumptuous interior incorporates rich furnishings and a subtle colour scheme to accentuate the yacht’s aura of peace, tranquility and elegance.

When cruising at 16 knots, no sound may be heard as the use of azipods enables the yacht to move very quietly through the water. The dynamic positioning system allows the yacht to drift above the seabed rather than dropping a heavy and potentially damaging anchor. Grace E also features reduced co2 emissions due to the optimised hull. The hull has been thoroughly tested and the reduced consumption has been confirmed during sea trials. She boasts 15% lower fuel consumption than other yachts of this magnitude and consumes just 23l per Nm (or 283l per hour) at 12knots.

Philippe Briand’s hull optimises water pressure distribution and offers a stretched waterline, whilst the yacht’s range of autonomy of 7,500 Nautical Miles is more than enough to cross both the Mediterranean and Atlantic. All energy for propulsion and hotel needs is provided by the vessel’s eight generators which have been scaled to run at an optimal output rate of 80 %.

Designed by Philippe Briand The Vitruvius® Yachts are EFFICIENT motor yachts ranging from 44 to 100m. Built using steel and aluminium, to reduce weight and fuel consumption the yachts are intended for far reaching exploration. The design is based on the three core principals of efficiency, sustainability and robustness.

Vitruvius® Yachts derives its name from the study of human proportions by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius. His work inspired “The Vitruvius Man”, the world renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490, the symbol of ideal proportions. With this symbol, together with the three core principals, the Vitruvius Yachts concept was born. Vitruvius Yachts Ltd is a Philippe Briand cy.
Naval Architect:
Interior Designer:

Cruising Speed:

Philippe Briand Ltd
Vitruvius Yachts Ltd
Picchiotti Spa
Rémi Tessier
Hull: Steel AH36
Superstructure: Aluminium 5083
2 x Azipods 1750 KW @ 300 rpm
14 Knots
Lloyd’s 100 A1 SSC, Yacht, Mono, G6, LMC, UMS

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