Exmouth RNLI Shannon called to the aid of fishing boat

PR290614-1 Fishing boat taking on water

PR290614-1 Exmouth Mechanic Andy Williams monitors the Shannon lifeboat’s performance on the SIMS screen.


PR290614-2 RNLI Lifeguards on duty help marshal beachgoers during recovery.

PR290614-3 Fishing boat

PR290614-3 Crew and shore crew volunteers attach the winch rope during recovery on Exmouth beach.


Portland coastguard tasked Shannon class R and J Welburn to the aid of a fishing boat taking on water, off Sidmouth at 11.22am on 29 June.

 Photos: (Credit Exmouth RNLI)

The six crew volunteers aboard the new state-of-the-art lifeboat were on the water within 12 minutes and on scene by 11.55am.




Three crew aboard the 12m fishing vessel had discovered a faulty hose was causing their engine room to flood quickly and they had called for help using the VHF radio. The fault was rectified by the fishing boat crew and the vessel was again fit to continue fishing.

Sidmouth independent lifeboat and Coastguard 106 Helicopter were also tasked to this incident in Lyme Bay.