Korean Register chief resigns

Pirates flee captured dhow

April 29, 2014
—An attempt by Somali pirates to use a captured dhow as a mother ship has been foiled by EU Navfor. The six armed pirates who had taken the dhow and its crew hostage fled the scene April 26 after sightings of an EU Naval Force Spanish maritime patrol and reconnaissance (MPRA) aircraft. The dhow’s master confirmed his ordeal to members of the Boarding Team from the EU Naval Force flagship, FGS Brandenburg, after the German warship had closed the sea area to investigate the dhow. 




Korean Register chief resigns
The Korean Register said “Dr. Chon has decided to step down as chief executive of KR to ease the pain and sorrow of the Korean people and the families who lost their loved ones on board Sewol.”
OSD-IMT designs new wind farm vessel range
The IMT972 has a length of 72.20 m and conforms to the Clean Design classification requirements of DNV for wind-farm service operation vessels.
Electric Boat gets $17.6 billion Virginia Class award
Electric Boat Corp., Groton, CT, is being awarded a fixed-price incentive multi-year Navy contract for construction of 10 Virginia-class submarines from fiscal 2014 to 2018.
Vard: profits dip, but orders soar
Vard’s order book value reached a five-year high, buoyed by an exceptionally high first quarter order intake.