The Good Ship Vega Needs Your Help!


The damaged mizzen mast that needs urgent replacement


Vega is a 122 year old Hardanger built Norwegian sailing cargo vessel. Every year? the vessel sails 8,000 sea miles delivering ?25 tons of donated educational and medical supplies to some of? South East Asia’s most remote island communities. But now that work is seriously threatened unless money can be raised for a new mizzen mast




Captain Shane Granger told me: “Our mizzen mast (red meranti – the? only wood we could find at the time) is suffering from serious rot and ?must be replaced. The existing lower mast is 10 meters tall and 26 cm diameter at the base. It is well stayed in the traditional manner with 3 shrouds a side and back stays.

Our very modest budgets prohibit us from simply commissioning a new mast but fortunately having grown up in a wooden boat yard I have the experience to make this mast if we can locate a proper timber length to make it from.

Right now we need a shipping company willing to transport this wood from either Australia or Vancouver, Canada to Singapore where we will be doing the work.”
One of Shane’s friends has set up an account to collect funds for the replacement mast. Please help if you can!

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