Old tugboat scuttled to become diving attraction


An old tug boat was scuttled off Exiles, Sliema, to begin a new lease of life as a diving attraction.

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The vessel, cleaned of all oil and grease, was sunk onto the seabed 20 metres below the surface some 250 metres off St Julians and 389 metres from Portomaso breakwater in a project launched by the Professional Diving Schools Association.

The operation had been previously postponed because weather conditions were not ideal. But the sea was perfectly calm today and there was hardly any wind.

The old vessel at first seemed reluctant to go when the scuttles were opened, but then sank quickly after an hour, resting in an upright position.

The 30-metre Tug 2 is the only diving attraction in the area, with the nearest being HMS Maori which was sunk in relatively deep waters off Valletta after the war and the X127 Water Lighter off Manoel Island. However, HMS Maori is slowly disintegrating and future access to the X127 Water Lighter is uncertain because of the ongoing development on Manoel Island.

Tug 2 been laid up at Bezzina shipyard for some 12 years.

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