MMRC Stage 4 – AY Day 2 Race Report


Tension mounts for final – Koo takes Monsoon Cup spot
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Nov 29th – Pulau Duyong, Terengganu: The seabreeze arrived early allowing the race management team to complete the three flights remaining in the Round Robin. Despite their gallant efforts Nurul Ain Md. Isa (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) and Mohd Saifullah’s wild card entry (Terengganu Sailing Team) after picking up their first win on the circuit, have been eliminated and ended up in 5th and 6th place.

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The much anticipated duel between the championship leaders Jeremy Koo’s (KFC Malaysia/ KRT) and Masyuri Rahmat’s (RMNMRT 1) was left to the last flight and after a spirited pre-start they covered each other up the windward beat. Masyuri waited till they approached the boundary before calling for room to tack. Koo tacked early and laid the mark. Masyuri was slightly overlaid and that little error cost them the race.Continuing on their winning ways, Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel MR Team) finished the round robin undefeated and the right to choose their semi final opponents.

As Hazwan considered himself a long shot at toppling the leaders for the Monsoon Cup spot, he decided to let them fight it out in the semi finals and choose fourth placed Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) as his opponent. The breeze steadily increased throughout the afternoon and provided the perfect setting for the finals. The teams were keen to get going and quickly turned into a very spirited affair.

Soon after entering the box Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel MR Team) inflicted two penalties on Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) for failing to keep clear while tacking on top of them. As they started and no effort was made to do the penalty turns, Chief Umpire Gary Manuel had no other alternative but to black flag Harisfabillah and can the race.

The second flight was a lot more timid with Hazwan leading off the line and despite a close tussle around the course he prevailed by 15 seconds to make it 2 – 0. Harisfabillah steadied the team for the third flight and came from behind to cross the line first, only to be informed by the umpires he rounded the wrong top mark and gracefully retired. That made it 3 – 0 and Hazwan advances to the final.

Jeremy Koo’s (KFC Malaysia/ KRT) admitted the added pressure of qualifying for the Monsoon Cup for a third consecutive time has taken his team a while to get there act together. In flight 1 of the semi final Masyuri Rahmat’s (RMNMRT 1) led off the line and around the first lap. Superior teamwork on Koo’s (KFC Malaysia/ KRT) saw them maintaining speed through the tacks and ground down Masyuri’s lead on the second upwind to overhaul them at the top mark and take the win.

Goto AY Day 2 Race ReportThe start of Flight 2, Masyuri’s (RMNMRT 1) were over the line and tacked in front of Koo earning them a penalty and never recovered. Making it Koo 2 – Masyuri 0. Another spirited start sequence followed in flight 3. Masyuri’s time and distance once again proved a little to early, forcing them to turn away as the horn sounded. This allowed Koo to steal the march and after holding tight cover sailed away to secure the race win and a berth in the final. Also in one foul swoop the winner of the inaugural MMRC plus an invitation to be the Malaysian team in the Monsoon Cup.

This only leaves the final and petit-final to be sailed tomorrow to determine who will take home the Final Stage 4 prize money worth RM15,000 sponsored by the Terengganu State Government.

MMRC Final Stage – Pulau Duyong – Qualifying Results
1. Hazwan Hazim (Permai Hotel Match Racing Team) 5-0
2. Jeremy Koo (KFC Malaysia/KRT) 4-1
3. Masyuri Rahmat (RMNMRT1) 3-2
4. Harisfabillah Muhammad (RMNMRT2) 2-3
5. Nurul Ain Md.Isa (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) 0-5
6. Mohd Saifullah Mohd Esa (Terengganu Sailing Team) 1-4

Semifinal Results
Semifinal 1 : Hazwan Hazim vs Harisfabillah Muhammad 3-0
Semifinal 2 : Jeremy Koo vs Masyuri Rahmat 3-0

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