MMRC Stage 4 – AY Day 1 Race Report


Its all about winning…
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Goto AY Day 1 Race ReportNov 28th – Pulau Duyong, Terengganu: Match racing is a very tough game to play. Boat against boat they either win or loose, there is no second place. Experienced skippers take one race at a time and whether they win or loose don’t let their emotions get the better of them and get the crew ready for the next race. These were Dato Peter Gilmour’s words of advice to the six teams vying to become the Malaysian champions at this mornings skippers briefing. There are 3 teams that have won here before and despite only two teams in line for the championship and the enviable place at the Monsoon Cup, they are all starting on a new page and the pressure is on to perform.

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Once again the start proved very crucial to the eventual outcome, as Jeremy Koo’s (KFC Malaysia/ KRT) found out when they lost their opening flight to Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel MR Team) after holding Koo head to wind at the start line then slipped away to an insurmountable lead. Despite the early loss, the defending champion with Olympic Laser sailor Nizam trimming the mainsail was forced to come from behind to defeat Saiful (Terengganu Sailing Team) and a very close match to overcome Nural’s (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) plus impose a penalty on Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) before taking over the lead.

The light and patchy conditions proved tricky for all teams to cope with. Nurul Ain Md. Isa (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) led of the start line only to be overtaken by Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) sailing in a different wind line and pointing 20 degrees higher. Undeterred Nural came back to take the lead on the next windward beat only to wrap the spinnaker on the downwind and let Harisfabillah back through for the win.

Looking very sharp, Masyuri Rahmat (RMNMRT 1) and Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) have benefited from daily training runs as sparing partners at the Navy base in Lumut. When they faced each other, Masyuri came out on top by a little over a minute.

Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel MR Team) came out on fire winning all their opening rounds, claiming the scalps of Koo, Nural, Masyuri and even surviving a red flag penalty against Saiful to display the masterful class that won them the title in 2009.

Although Mohd Saifullah’s (Terengganu Sailing Team) are joining for the first time, the team is made up of successful dinghy sailors from Terengganu and missed out on beating Koo by only six seconds. Their aim is to gain valuable match racing experience by mixing it with the top ranked Malaysian teams.

Tomorrow the Round Robin stage will be completed and the match ups between the top seeds will see the stakes go higher and the overall standings take shape.

Skipper – Team – Win – Loss
Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel MR Team) 4-0
Jeremy Koo (KFC Malaysia/KRT) 3-1
Masyuri Rahmat (RMNMRT 1) 2-1
Harisfabillah Muhammad ((RMNMRT 2) 1-2
Nurul Ain Md. Isa (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) 0-3
Mohd Saifullah (Terengganu Sailing Team) 0-3

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