Eve makes Dad’s Broads holiday dream come true

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The winner of the Broads Authority’s Enjoy the Broads competition is enabling her father to live his dream.

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Ron Burke, 63, went out on a day boat on the Broads during a caravan holiday to Norfolk 20 years ago and has wanted to return for a boating holiday ever since.


“I loved it,” he said. “I thought it was absolutely beautiful.”


So when his daughter, Eve Burke, won five days aboard a luxury motor cruiser in the online competition which attracted nearly 3,500 entries, fairy godmother Eve made his dream come true.


Eve, who is eight months pregnant, and has a two year old toddler, has decided not to take up her place but her partner, Stephen Milne, and sister’s husband, Paul Redhead, will be going with Ron. Eve, who is still working as a teaching assistant, is even going to take on Paul’s child-minding duties to enable him to go!


“I was looking on the Enjoy the Broads website to find a boating holiday for Dad and I entered the competition,” she said. “It has worked out perfectly. Dad had to retire early so it’s a nice treat for him. This is the ideal holiday for all three of them.”


The year old 44 ft environmentally friendly cruiser, Fair Majesty, which has a Green Boat Mark, is being provided by Norfolk Broads Direct of Wroxham.


Ron, from Worcester Park in Surrey, said: “I’m very excited. I have been looking at the boats on the Broads for years and years and it has always been my ambition to come back. I have never stayed a night on a boat before so this is a dream come true.


“I love fishing so to go out on to one of the broads, with no rush, and stop where we like will be magic. Although we’ll be three men in a boat I’m quite a good cook so eating on board won’t be a problem. It will be another thing that I have ticked off in life.”

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