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MMRC Stage 3 Johor – Time to get down and dirty…
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Sept 28th – Tanjung Leman, Johor: After scouring the countryside, T-Best have assembled a team of Race Officers, Umpires, Management, Promotion and Media Circus together at Felda Residence, only five minutes drive from the jetty, where four Foundation 36 yachts are moored. The keels were removed and boats completely de-rigged, then transported with a small armada of jury/media boats and equipment, down from Terengganu, only to be reassembled again at Tanjung Leman before being launched and made race ready. This formidable task over the last two weeks, has been accomplished by Aussie Dave Mills and his boat preparation and maintenance crew, that have looked after these boats since they arrived in Malaysia for the first Monsoon Cup.back in 2005.

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The match racing is run in conjunction with the KFC – Felda Johor Open organised by the Johor Yachting Association and held from the beach just around the corner from the jetty. If our readers would like to keep up to speed with the “Off the beach” classes the NOR, Photos, Comments & Results are posted on their Facebook page, each day.

Seven Malaysian teams have fronted up to contest Round 3 in Johor. Nurul Ain Md.Isa makes a return to skipper her Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team. The Royal Malaysian Navy have down sized to two teams, Masyuri Rahmat (RMNMRT 1) and Harisfabillah Muhammad (RMNMRT 2). Jeremy Koo’s (Koo Racing Team) now carries the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) branding to be known as (KFC Malaysia/KRT). Khairulnizam Mohd Afendy received the wild card entry for the Kedah MR Team after completing his Olympic obligations.

Rizal Mahadi (SetiaWest Marine) hopes to improve their boatspeed and tactics to rise up from the bottom of the pointscore. At past events Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel Match Racing Team) have run hot and cold but aims to even up the score by introducing more consistency

Unfortunately the expected forecast did not materialise and the morning session was postponed. The afternoon session looked promising when a storm cell formed to the South of the racing area. Hazwan’s (Permai Hotel Match Racing Team) made quick work of their first two opponents. As did Haris (RMNMRT 2) and Masyuri (RMNMRT 1) before the wind played havoc changing direction and fading away.

The much anticipated match up between reigning champion Jeremy Koo (KFC Malaysia/KRT) and Malaysian Olympian Khairulnizam (Kedah MR Team) turned into a drift-athon and a luffing duel between a spinnaker and headsail only meters apart. This resulted in Nizam receiving another penalty while Jeremy ghosted off to easily win the race. Just as Race Officer Burn was going to call it a day the wind freshened and another flight was called. Tough day for all concerned and everyone is crossing their fingers for better conditions tomorrow.

Round Robin 1
Harisfabillah Muhammad ((Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team 2) – 3-0
Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Permai Hotel Match Racing Team) – 3-0
Masyuri Rahmat (Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team 1) 2-0
Jeremy Koo (Koo Racing Team) 2-0
Nurul Ain Md.Isa (Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team) – 0-3
Rizal Mahadi (SetiaWest Marine) – 0-3
Khairulnizam (Kedah MR Team) 0-4

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