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A select group of Dutch yacht builders and related companies have joined forces in the new
Holland Yacht Experience concept. Their goal is to bring the supreme quality offered by the
Dutch yachting industry to the attention of a broader audience via joint promotion and
representation on the French Côte d’Azur.

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The companies participating in this initiative are Mulder Shipyard, Balk Shipyard, Arie de Boom
Marine, Van der Vliet Quality Yachts and Wajer & Wajer. These renowned family businesses all
have a long history and a strong focus on continuity within their specific field of expertise. By
pooling their resources, the partners offer owners and their representatives a platform that
emphasises a diverse offer of yachts and a broad range of services.

The recent economic situation has caused a shift in the market, leading to higher demands for
yachts that combine high-quality construction, durability and steady value with a strong focus on
service and after sales. The companies participating in Holland Yacht Experience have all built
their success on precisely these qualities. “The reduction in yacht financing opportunities has
boosted demand for yachts that retain their value, increasing the target group of customers above
50,” Jeroen van der Vliet from Van der Vliet Quality Yachts underlines. “This especially involves
people interested in traditional and timeless yachts and first-rate service.”

The concept offers the participating members a base and office facilities on the internationally
celebrated main boulevard of Cannes, La Croisette, in the redeveloped harbour of Port Canto. This
allows the companies to profile themselves to potential customers in a professional way from a top
location on the French Côte d’Azur throughout the year. Visitors to the centre can access detailed
information on the products, services and rich history of the member companies.

In addition to acquiring information, visitors to the Holland Yacht Experience Centre can acquire a
quality yacht, have their boat refitted, order maintenance activities, put their yacht on the market or
request a berth, all under one roof and in an accessible way. This makes the Holland Yacht
Experience Centre a powerful venture that guarantees carefree sailing pleasure. “I am pleased to
place my almost 40 years of experience on the Côte d’Azur and in France more generally at the
disposal of these leading Dutch watersports companies,” Alex de Boom from Arie de Boom Marine


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