Fast, effective and waterless boat cleaning from Showroom Shine


Showroom Shine from Greased Lightning is the UK’s highest selling waterless wash with over 1.5 million bottles sold, offering superior cleaning without the fuss of a bucket and sponge- saving time, water and money. Despite being engineered for the automotive market, demand withint the boating world had been unprecedented, and we want to spread the word.

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In recent months, boat owners and keen sailors on the look out for innovative methods for keeping their pride and joy spotless have discovered the future of cleaning, and it’s one that requires no water and takes just 1/3 of the time of competitior products. With Showroom Shine, it doesn’t matter how dirty your boat is. Simply spray on the formula and wipe straight off, leaving a dazzling shine and perfect scratch free finish on every surface, from wood to fibre glass, stainless steel, chrome, glass and plastics.

Price: £16.99 – 1 Litre

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