Temporary respite for under-fire PUMA as Equator nears

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Amory Ross/PUMA Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race

PUMA were granted temprorary respite from the constant attacks from Telefonica and CAMPER early on Monday as they stretched their lead out to 20 miles.

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But with more than 2,700 miles still left to sail to the finish in Miami, Leg 6 was still anyone’s to win, and the crews of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Groupama sailing team were doing all in their power to catch up.

For all the teams, the sweltering heat is becoming unbearable as they approach the Equator. Check out the latest highlights video HERE.

Quote of the day:

“We spent most of the day within one mile of Telefonica with each boat probing the other with different modes of sailing. Both boats have shown strengths and weaknesses and are proving to be very close in these conditions” – Chris Nicholson, CAMPER

Raw feed:

Everything that comes off the boats from the dedicated Media Crew Members is made available to view at Livestream. Check out the main page here and don’t miss the dedicated team channels. For other ways to follow the race, click here.

The big picture:

PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG improved on their second-place finish in Leg 4 to win Leg 5 by just 12 minutes following a tense 11th-hour battle with Team Telefonica.

Despite losing their mast while leading the fleet in Leg 5, Groupama sailing team were able to construct a jury rig which allowed them not only to complete the leg but also claim the final podium position.

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand finished fourth, a huge achievement for Chris Nicholson’s team, who were forced to divert to Chile with structural damage.

Abu Dhabi were forced to retire from Leg 5 with serious damage to their hull, opting to ship their boat to Itajai. They might not have finished the leg but they won their incredible race against the clock to get Azzam race ready in less than two days.

Team Sanya, who retired from Leg 5 after losing a rudder, will rejoin the fleet in Miami for the in-port racing and start of Leg 7.

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