GOR Rankings Correction

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Global Ocean Race official rankings have been unrealiable all day today,
the problem was spotted earlier when Cessna Citation and us on Financial
Crisis started swapping positions, when in fact nothing had changed on the

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The latest position report throws us back 160 miles in 5th, to trail the
leaders by 208 miles when in fact we are still 4th some 50-60 behind
Campagne de France.

The IT department at Geovoile, providers of the tracker, were promptly
alerted and all hands are at work to solve the problem, meanwhile on
board, everytime we receive the position report we have to ask Clubby the
seal to re-calculate the rankings for us and can confirm that at 2100 UTC
the rankings were:

1st Campagne de France
2nd Eric Tabarly
3rd Joshua Slocum
4th Donald Crowhurst
5th Michel Desjoyeaux
6th The Stig

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