Southwold RNLI lifeboat rescues yacht


Southwold RNLI Lifeboat towing “Bolduster” into harbour (Credit RNLI/Carl Slaymaker)

Date: 28/07/2011

Author: Keith Meldrum, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Southwold RNLI relief lifeboat towed a stricken yacht to safety on Thursday 28 July. The RNLI relief lifeboat, Duckhams 2001, had been on station only two days before responding to its first shout, with new crew member Joe Barnes on board, also for his first shout.

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The pleasure yacht, Bolduster, reported to the harbourmaster at Southwold that he had engine trouble and would need assistance to enter the harbour. The lifeboat launched at 5pm under light winds with good visibility and a choppy sea, returning the yacht to its mooring at 5.35pm.

Lifeboat Operations Manager, John Huggins, said: ‘We are always pleased to help seafarers in any form of distress. Although this was a relatively straightforward shout with nobody injured, it still provides valuable experience, especially for a new crew member such as Joe.’

Southwold RNLI lifeboat, Leslie Tranmer, is away for a refit in Cowes. It is expected to return in two to three months, during which time Duckhams 2001 has already shown it will prove a worthy substitute.

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